Technical (JSON viewer) explorer for XRPL devs. Click on account / hash / ... to zoom in.

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XRP Ledger Technical Explorer Netlify Status

A technical (geeky) JSON viewing explorer for the XRP Ledger.


Early beta of a new (technical) tx / ledger / object / hash explorer I'm working on, for XRPLF.

Mainnet: Testnet: Hooks Testnet:

It's easy to roll your own as the wss endpoint is an env. var.

Lots to do, but the beginning is here. You can view (JSON, technical (!) explorer) ledgers, transactions, meta, etc. and click through, on ledger numbers, hashes, transaction hashes, accounts, etc.

Project setup

npm install

Configure alternative WebSocket endpoint with the env. variable:



Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run serve

Compiles and minifies for production

npm run build

Lints and fixes files

npm run lint
XRP Ledger Foundation (Official)
To foster development on, and widespread usage of the XRP Ledger
XRP Ledger Foundation (Official)
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