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ag-Grid is a fully-featured and highly customizable JavaScript data grid. It delivers outstanding performance, has no third-party dependencies and integrates smoothly with all major JavaScript frameworks.

Here's how our grid looks with multiple filters and grouping enabled:

alt text


In addition to the standard set of features you'd expect from any grid:

  • Column Interactions (resize, reorder, and pin columns)
  • Pagination
  • Sorting
  • Row Selection

Here are some of the features that make ag-Grid stand out:

  • Grouping / Aggregation *
  • Custom Filtering
  • In-place Cell Editing
  • Records Lazy Loading *
  • Server-Side Records Operations *
  • Live Stream Updates
  • Hierarchical Data Support & Tree View *
  • Customizable Appearance
  • Customizable Cell Contents
  • Excel-like Pivoting *
  • State Persistence
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Data Export to CSV
  • Data Export to Excel *
  • Row Reordering
  • Copy / Paste
  • Column Spanning
  • Pinned Rows
  • Full Width Rows

* The features marked with an asterisk are available in the Enterprise version only.

Check out the developer documentation for a complete list of features or visit our official docs for tutorials and feature demos.

Looking for a framework specific solution?

Getting started

Install dependencies

$ npm install --save ag-grid-community

Add a placeholder to HTML

<div id="myGrid" style="height: 150px; width: 600px" class="ag-theme-alpine"></div>

Import the grid and styles

import { Grid } from 'ag-grid-community';

import 'ag-grid-community/dist/styles/ag-grid.css';
import 'ag-grid-community/dist/styles/ag-theme-alpine.css';

Set configuration

var gridOptions = {
	columnDefs: [
		{ headerName: 'Make', field: 'make' },
		{ headerName: 'Model', field: 'model' },
		{ headerName: 'Price', field: 'price' }
	rowData: [
		{ make: 'Toyota', model: 'Celica', price: 35000 },
		{ make: 'Ford', model: 'Mondeo', price: 32000 },
		{ make: 'Porsche', model: 'Boxter', price: 72000 }

Initialise the grid

var eGridDiv = document.querySelector('#myGrid');
new Grid(eGridDiv, this.gridOptions);

For more information on how to integrate the grid into your project see TypeScript - Building with Webpack 2.

Issue Reporting

If you have found a bug, please report it in this repository's issues section. If you're using the Enterprise version, please use the private ticketing system to do that. For more information on support please see our dedicated support page.

Asking Questions

Look for similar problems on StackOverflow using the ag-grid tag. If nothing seems related, post a new message there. Please do not use GitHub issues to ask questions.


ag-Grid is developed by a team of co-located developers in London. If you want to join the team check out our jobs board or send your application to [email protected].


This project is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

  • [filtering] Checkbox header to select/unselect all rows

    [filtering] Checkbox header to select/unselect all rows


    I would need a checkbox header to select unselect all rows. It is very useful when you want to perform a full delete of all rows.


    Regards! Pablo García

    opened by lukelalo 59
  • reactNext - React Component '...' not created within 1000ms**

    reactNext - React Component '...' not created within 1000ms**

    I'm submitting a ... (check one with "x")

    [x] bug report => see 'Providing a Reproducible Scenario'
    [] feature request => do not use Github for feature requests, see 'Customers of ag-Grid'
    [] support request => see 'Requesting Community Support'

    Providing a Reproducible Scenario

    Current behavior After quick grid mount/unmount (reactNext) with custom renderers errors like 'React Component '...' not created within 1000ms' are occured

    • ag-Grid version: 21.0.1
    • ag-grid-react version: 21.0.1
    opened by alkorr37 54
  • Why do I get unstable_flushDiscreteUpdates in AgGridReact [latest]

    Why do I get unstable_flushDiscreteUpdates in AgGridReact [latest]

    Why do I get this error when my grid updates?

    backend.js:6 Warning: unstable_flushDiscreteUpdates: Cannot flush updates when React is already rendering.
        in AgGridReact
        in div
    opened by simkessy 53
  • Allow standard browser selection mode (for copy/paste)

    Allow standard browser selection mode (for copy/paste)

    I will frequently browse a grid, and see something I want to copy (for a subsequent "paste" into another application) in a cell or maybe multiple cells. Seems like that's not supported in this grid: I can't select anything for copy/paste. If I'm right, then I'd like to make a request to get that functionality added somehow!

    opened by kbdguy 52
  • Why is the minified bundle so large?

    Why is the minified bundle so large?

    I'm submitting a ... (check one with "x")

    [x] feature request

    The current minified bundle for v7.2.2 is over 540 KB in size, even without including styles. This is the largest data grid bundle I've ever seen, 75% larger than UI-Grid v4.0.2.

    Edit: It looks like ag-Grid v8.0.0 has grown another 40 KB larger, to 581 KB without styles.

    Why is the bundle so large? Is there any way it could be optimized to reduce its size? Currently there is a noticeable delay while the bundle is downloaded and parsed, especially on mobile devices or slower connections.

    Expected behavior Minified bundle should be around 300 KB or smaller.

    What is the motivation / use case for changing the behavior? Improve load/parse time on slow connections and mobile devices.

    • Language: All
    opened by theodorejb 51
  • Get grid to work with flexbox

    Get grid to work with flexbox

    Observed behavior: the #borderLayout_eRootPanel resizes, but the .ag-body-container does not This was tested in chrome and firefox latest versions

    I've tried two things right now:

    • add a width via css

    I see the row renderer getting called, but i don't see anything changing. In the debugger, you can see the widths changing except for ag-body-container and descendants

    EDIT: 9/25/16 the code pen uses v2.3.7, and version 5 is in alpha today. Will create an updated pen and add it in a new comment when done.

    opened by tonyeung 47
  • Multiple row selection using shift

    Multiple row selection using shift

    I am was wondering about multiple row selection using shift to select all rows between the first and second row click, instead of the command click for each individual row. Fairly new otherwise I would fork and attempt to add this in

    opened by adamclark64 42
  • Request: add support for Aurelia

    Request: add support for Aurelia

    I am new to the web technology stack and recently found this great data grid. Thanks for your hard work!

    I am wondering if it's possible to add support for Aurelia. Thanks a lot!

    opened by grandtiger 39
  • [search] Highlight searched text

    [search] Highlight searched text

    I suggest that when one searches (in a quick search), the data found should be highlighted. For example:

    col1 col2 123 47329487 874 98712389

    Now when I search "123", both lines should be shown (as they are now), but the numbers "123" should be highlighted (like ctrl+f does), so I can know where it found the match result.

    col1 col2 123 47329487 874 98712389

    I think also that this should be the default, and have a supress option.

    What do you think? (I implemented it myself, replacing the results found strings with a <strong> tag,. but than the clipboard copy feature got messed up, so I just stopped)

    enhancement AG-119 
    opened by AmitMY 38
  • × TypeError: Cannot read property 'addEventListenerOutsideAngular' of null

    × TypeError: Cannot read property 'addEventListenerOutsideAngular' of null

    Function.Utils.addSafePassiveEventListener node_modules/ag-grid-community/dist/lib/utils/general.js:2102 2099 | } : undefined; 2100 | 2101 | if (isOutsideAngular) {

    2102 | frameworkOverrides.addEventListenerOutsideAngular(eElement, event, listener, options); | ^ 2103 | } else { 2104 | eElement.addEventListener(event, listener, options); 2105 | }

    This get thrown after some component re-rendering even if the Ag-Grid hasn't changed

    wontfix managed-by-community 
    opened by MangioneAndrea 35
  • Vue3 Cell Renderer Setup() method not running

    Vue3 Cell Renderer Setup() method not running

    I'm submitting a ... (check one with "x")

    [] bug report => see 'Providing a Reproducible Scenario'
    [] feature request => do not use Github for feature requests, see 'Customers of ag-Grid'
    [x] support request => see 'Requesting Community Support'

    I am using Vue 3 and trying to use a cell renderer for an Edit button within an Actions Column. But it seems asif the Setup method is not working when it is being included via the Cell renderer. However, if I include the Component straight into the page it works fine.

    This is the error I am getting

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined
        at Object.onClick._cache.<computed>._cache.<computed> (actionsColumn.vue?df29:4)
        at callWithErrorHandling (runtime-core.esm-bundler.js?5c40:154)
        at callWithAsyncErrorHandling (runtime-core.esm-bundler.js?5c40:163)
        at HTMLButtonElement.invoker (runtime-dom.esm-bundler.js?830f:292)

    This is the Component that is being used

        class="bg-green-500 hover:bg-green-700 text-white font-bold py-2 px-4 rounded"
      import { computed, defineComponent, ref } from "vue";
      import { mapGetters, useStore } from "vuex";
      export default defineComponent({
        name: "actionsColumn",
        setup() {
          // Setting Up Store
          const store = useStore();
          // Getting SiteData and Route
          const siteData = computed(() => store.getters.siteData);
          // Route and Section
          const route = computed(() => store.getters.getCurrentRoute);
          const section = ref(
            siteData.value.sections[route.value ? route.value : "Home"]
          const onEditClick = () => {
          return {

    This is the Column Def for that column

            headerName: "Actions",
            field: `${section.value.tableName}_id`,
            cellRendererFramework: "actionsColumn",

    It is displaying the button in the Grid correctly, it just throws the error when you click the button. The console.log ("editbutton") inside the setup method also is not being run.

    Any help would be greatly apreciated

    ag-grid engaged waiting-for-repro 
    opened by Declan-Watts 34
  • Accessibility Issue: Grid is keyboard focusable/interactive while overlays are shown

    Accessibility Issue: Grid is keyboard focusable/interactive while overlays are shown

    • [x] bug report => see 'Providing a Reproducible Scenario'

    Repros at

    Current behavior

    • Show the loading overlay
    • Press "tab" on the keyboard until the focus is on a grid header
    • Press enter, causing the sort to change

    This is an accessibility issue as screenreader users will be able to access content that they are not intended to interact with, and they will encounter this content before they encounter the overlay that describes the loading state of the grid.

    This is especially problematic for both screenreader users and sighted keyboard users who will be unable to reasonably access the overlay to invoke any actions it might have such as a "cancel" button.

    Expected behavior

    • Show the loading overlay
    • Press "tab" on the keyboard. Focus never goes to content that is covered by the overlay and isntead goes directly to the overlay.

    Additional Info

    • AG Grid version: 28.2.1
    • Browser: Edge/Chrome
    • User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 Edg/108.0.1462.54
    • Language: All
    opened by hoovercj 0
  • [AG Charts - Vue3] Grouped property in Scatter series is not working

    [AG Charts - Vue3] Grouped property in Scatter series is not working

    I'm submitting a ... (check one with "x")

    [x] bug report => see 'Providing a Reproducible Scenario'
    [] feature request => do not use Github for feature requests, see 'Customers of AG Grid'
    [] support request => see 'Requesting Community Support'
    • Project migration from Vue2 to Vue3. Current behavior We are getting the warnings like "AG Charts - unable to set [series[4].grouped] in [ScatterSeries]; nested error is: AG Charts - grouped: true is unsupported for series of type: scatter" when setting grouped property as true in scatter series in our Vue 3 project.

    It is supported in ag-charts-vue for vue 2. ag-charts-vue

    Expected behavior There should not be any warnings and grouped property must be accepted as true by scatter series.

    Please tell us about your environment: O.S: Windows 10 IDE: VS Code Package Manager: npm

    • AG Grid version: 28.2.1
    • Browser: 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36'
    • Vue: 3.2.13
    • ag-grid-vue3: 28.2.1
    • ag-charts-vue3: 6.2.1
    • ag-charts-community: 6.2.1
    • TypeScript: 4.5.5
    opened by DivakarSS 0
  • Ag-Grid is not reactive/does not trigger computed fields to re-evaluate

    Ag-Grid is not reactive/does not trigger computed fields to re-evaluate

    I'm submitting a ... (check one with "x")

    [x] bug report => see 'Providing a Reproducible Scenario'
    [] feature request => do not use Github for feature requests, see 'Customers of AG Grid'
    [] support request => see 'Requesting Community Support'

    Current behavior Here I have created an example with a checkbox cell renderer. Please note my comment there. I have a version that works (updating it through the store, not changing the array itself but merely the property of the item inside the array) and a version that doesn't work which is done by Ag-Grid (setDataNode seems broken). Just replacing it by my comment will work. Please do note that setDataNode does change the value! If you look in the VueX Pluging you can clearly see it's updated, it just does not trigger the button to be disabled (if any is exchanged it will be enabled). The computed field does not retrigger using Ag-Grid's setDataNode.

    Expected behavior Retrigger computed field

    Please tell us about your environment: System: OS: Windows 10 10.0.22000 CPU: (16) x64 AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX with Radeon Graphics Memory: 5.80 GB / 27.86 GB Binaries: Node: 16.14.2 - C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.EXE Yarn: 1.22.19 - ~\AppData\Roaming\npm\yarn.CMD npm: 8.5.0 - C:\Program Files\nodejs\npm.CMD Browsers: Edge: Spartan (44.22000.120.0), Chromium (108.0.1462.54) Internet Explorer: 11.0.22000.120 npmPackages: vue: 3.2.45 => 3.2.45

    • AG Grid version: X.X.X Yes this only happens when upgrading! Might be a combi of upgrading Vue and Ag-Grid.

    • Language: [all | TypeScript X.X | ES6/7 | ES5] JS

    opened by caveofjulian 0
  • Row dissappears when clicked on custom checkbox

    Row dissappears when clicked on custom checkbox

    I'm submitting a ... (check one with "x")

    [x] bug report => see 'Providing a Reproducible Scenario'
    [] feature request => do not use Github for feature requests, see 'Customers of AG Grid'
    [] support request => see 'Requesting Community Support'

    Providing a Reproducible Scenario Accepted reproducible scenarios are

    • First time a row with custom checkbox renderer is clicked, it disappears. When you click the checkbox next to it a strange blue line appears. This only happened after an upgrade of Vue.

    Current behaviour. Expected behaviour. If possible back this up with our docs/examples if possible

    Current behavior First time a row with custom checkbox renderer is clicked, it disappears. When you click the checkbox next to it a strange blue line appears. It seems to be the row that belongs in the empty white space. An exception (From Vue) occurs in the console:

    Cannot read properties of null (reading 'nextSibling')

    Followed by an exception from Ag-Grid:

    G Grid: cannot get grid to draw rows when it is in the middle of drawing rows. Your code probably called a grid API method while the grid was in the render stage. To overcome this, put the API call into a timeout, e.g. instead of api.refreshView(), call setTimeout(function() { api.refreshView(); }, 0). To see what part of your code that caused the refresh check this stacktrace.
        at RowRenderer.getLockOnRefresh (ag-grid-community.cjs.js:2731:192)
        at RowRenderer.redrawAfterModelUpdate (ag-grid-community.cjs.js:2719:99)
        at RowRenderer.onPageLoaded (ag-grid-community.cjs.js:2702:21)
        at eval (ag-grid-community.cjs.js:177:1733)
        at Set.forEach (<anonymous>)
        at processEventListeners (ag-grid-community.cjs.js:177:1633)
        at EventService.dispatchToListeners (ag-grid-community.cjs.js:177:1824)
        at EventService.dispatchEvent (ag-grid-community.cjs.js:177:1276)
        at PaginationProxy.onModelUpdated (ag-grid-community.cjs.js:4020:2318)
        at eval (ag-grid-community.cjs.js:177:1733)

    *Nowhere in the code refreshView is called

    Expected behavior Checkbox is checked and no rows dissappear.

    Please tell us about your environment: Windows 10, Visual Studio Code, Chrome.

    • AG Grid version: 26.1.0
    "dependencies": {
        "@codemirror/lang-javascript": "^6.1.1",
        "@codemirror/lang-xml": "^6.0.1",
        "@codemirror/theme-one-dark": "^6.1.0",
        "@coreui/coreui": "^4.2.4",
        "@coreui/coreui-pro": "^4.4.2",
        "@coreui/icons": "^2.1.0",
        "@coreui/icons-vue": "^2.0.0-beta.0",
        "@coreui/utils": "^1.3.1",
        "@coreui/vue-pro": "^4.0.1",
        "@fullcalendar/core": "^5.10.1",
        "@fullcalendar/daygrid": "^5.10.1",
        "@fullcalendar/interaction": "^5.10.1",
        "@fullcalendar/vue3": "^5.10.1",
        "@meforma/vue-toaster": "^1.3.0",
        "@vue/cli-plugin-babel": "^5.0.8",
        "ag-grid-community": "26.1.0",
        "ag-grid-vue3": "26.1.2",
        "axios": "^0.21.4",
        "codemirror": "^6.0.1",
        "core-js": "^3.19.1",
        "css-loader": "^6.5.1",
        "keycloak-js": "^17.0.1",
        "moment": "^2.29.1",
        "postcss": "^8.3.11",
        "postcss-loader": "^6.2.0",
        "vue": "3.2.45",
        "vue-class-component": "^8.0.0-rc.1",
        "vue-codemirror": "^6.1.1",
        "vue-router": "4.0.12",
        "vue-select": "^4.0.0-beta.6",
        "vuex": "4.0.2",
        "node-polyfill-webpack-plugin": "^2.0.1",
        "vue3-treeview": "^0.4.0"
      "devDependencies": {
        "@babel/core": "^7.20.5",
        "@babel/eslint-parser": "^7.19.1",
        "@popperjs/core": "^2.11.6",
        "@vue/cli-plugin-babel": "^5.0.8",
        "@vue/cli-plugin-eslint": "^5.0.8",
        "@vue/cli-plugin-router": "^5.0.8",
        "@vue/cli-plugin-vuex": "^5.0.8",
        "@vue/cli-service": "^5.0.8",
        "@vue/compiler-sfc": "3.2.21",
        "@vue/eslint-config-prettier": "^7.0.0",
        "eslint": "^8.30.0",
        "eslint-plugin-import": "^2.26.0",
        "eslint-plugin-node": "^11.1.0",
        "eslint-plugin-promise": "^6.1.1",
        "eslint-plugin-standard": "^4.1.0",
        "eslint-plugin-vue": "^9.8.0",
        "less": "^4.1.3",
        "less-loader": "^11.1.0",
        "prettier": "^2.8.1",
        "sass": "^1.57.1",
        "sass-loader": "^13.2.0"
    • Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like

    • Language: [all | TypeScript X.X | ES6/7 | ES5]

    opened by caveofjulian 1
  • Added row in transaction not added at addIndex on sorted table

    Added row in transaction not added at addIndex on sorted table

    I'm submitting a ... (check one with "x")

    [x] bug report => see 'Providing a Reproducible Scenario'
    [] feature request => do not use Github for feature requests, see 'Customers of AG Grid'
    [] support request => see 'Requesting Community Support'

    Providing a Reproducible Scenario

    The issue can be reproduced in the following plunker: (28.2.1)

    1. sort list i.e. by "Make"
    2. click "Add Item addIndex=2" button
    3. remove sort
    4. Notice that new row was NOT added at index 2 (but if sort is applied ascending at index 1, if sort is descending at index 3)

    In the plunker (25.0.1) from issue it is still working as expected.

    I noticed that the issue occurred beginning from version 27.2.0. Same code in examples, only differing in AG Grid version: (AG Grid 27.1.0) working as expected; row gets added at the specified addIndex (AG Grid 27.2.0) NOT working as expected; Row not added at addIndex when sort applied

    Current behavior

    I'm using the applyTransaction method to add a new row in a specific index by using addIndex. The row is not added at the specified index of the unsorted rowData when sorting is applied at transaction time. This occurs from ag-grid-angular version 27.1.1 onwards.

    Expected behavior

    As stated in when

    1. sort is applied
    2. row is added with addIndex
    3. sort is removed

    should lead to row added at specified index.

    • AG Grid version: 28.2.1
    • Browser:

    'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36'

    • Language: TypeScript 4.8
    opened by leontwo4 1
  • The `readOnly` property of `filterParams` of `ColDef` can not be updated properly.

    The `readOnly` property of `filterParams` of `ColDef` can not be updated properly.

    I'm submitting a ... (check one with "x")

    [x] bug report => see 'Providing a Reproducible Scenario'
    [] feature request => do not use Github for feature requests, see 'Customers of AG Grid'
    [] support request => see 'Requesting Community Support'

    Current behavior

    The readOnly property of filterParams of ColDef can not be updated properly. I tried to set filterParams: {readOnly: edit} to the defaultColDef and/or columnDefs, where edit is a React state variable. The filters didn't become read-only when edit === true or become modifiable when edit === false. Please check the plnkr example below.

    Expected behavior

    When setting filterParams: {readOnly: true} to the column definition, I expected that the filters become read-only, which was not the case.

    Please tell us about your environment:

    Please check this plnkr example:

    • AG Grid version: 28.2.0
    • Browser:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36

    • Language: [TypeScript 4.8.4 | ES5]
    opened by tngx 2
  • v28.2.1(Nov 2, 2022)

    Release 28.2.1 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑7465 | Bug | When using the fill handle to populate cells with null values, undoing the change, then redo throws an exception | | AG‑7452 | Task | Investigate potential performance impact introduced by AG-7107 | | AG‑7426 | Task | [Integrated] Support migration during restore of pre-27.1.0 chart models. | | AG‑7419 | Bug | [Integrated] Format panel X axis configuration appears to be non-functional | | AG‑7412 | Task | [Column Filters] Allow providing custom column filter input and floating filter input placeholder text | | AG‑7411 | Task | [Cell Editing] Allow limiting value length in built-in text cell editor - agTextCellEditor | | AG‑7400 | Bug | [Regression] When grouping by a column, column order for the remaining columns is reset | | AG‑7399 | Bug | [Charts] When using primary and secondary axes and nice=false, primary axis doesn't honor its max value | | AG‑7398 | Bug | [Charts] Secondary axis gridlines don't take other axis widths into account | | AG‑7390 | Bug | [Regression] When using the alpine and balham dark themes and a loading overlay, the overlay is shown in a light gray color | | AG‑7387 | Bug | [Charts] Performance of non-trivial data-sets on AgChart.update() is slow | | AG‑7386 | Bug | When printing, there's whitespace on the right of the right-most column and the top row on every page doesn't have its top border shown | | AG‑7369 | Task | [Charts] Add tooltip movement animation to improve tooltip UX | | AG‑7358 | Bug | Legacy CSS themes render cell values misaligned, closer to the cell top edge instead of the middle | | AG‑7357 | Task | [Charts] Allow TimeAxis.{min,max} to support number values | | AG‑7356 | Bug | [Charts] Colour option validations should be case-insensitive | | AG‑7349 | Bug | [Regression] Changing the group column order in a multi column row grouping creates blank space on the left side of the table | | AG‑7347 | Bug | [React] When using ReactUI and having a column without a floating filter, clicking inside the empty space throws an exception | | AG‑7343 | Task | Provide support for Vue 3 Urlql & Vue Router | | AG‑7338 | Bug | Cells in pinned rows and pivot result columns behave differently when the pivot result column field contains a dot | | AG‑7334 | Bug | Failed server side loading string 'ERR' missing from localisation dictionary | | AG‑7322 | Bug | [Charts] Crosslines rendering outside series area when navigator enabled via options | | AG‑7320 | Bug | When showing a radio button in a custom cell renderer, calling columnApi.autoSizeAllColumns() API method clears the selected radio button | | AG‑7315 | Bug | When using domLayout='autoHeight' on Safari, editing with a popup editor and clicking any other cell scrolls the entire page down | | AG‑7290 | Task | [Charts] Rename PieSeries.label to PieSeries.calloutLabel and PieSeries.callout to PieSeries.calloutLine | | AG‑7247 | Bug | [React] When column definitions have a dependency on a state variable, changing the state variable value causes column group headers to flicker | | AG‑7237 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow the select all header checkbox to be announced by adding an aria-label attribute to it | | AG‑7233 | Bug | [Charts] Legend item markers don't match formatted series items | | AG‑7214 | Bug | When opening a custom popup editor in the last grid row, the popup is shown outside the bounds of the grid | | AG‑7205 | Bug | [Regression] When clicking the column header just above or below the column header text, column isn't sorted | | AG‑7192 | Bug | When using AG Grid on an iOS device (iPhone/iPad) displaying a grid with no rows, tapping and holding inside the grid doesn't open the custom context menu | | AG‑7185 | Bug | [Filters] Floating filter input doesn't respect localisation for Blank/Not Blank filter option | | AG‑7152 | Task | [Charts] Allow users to provide a custom seriesId to identify a series instead of using the auto-generated one | | AG‑7056 | Bug | When using a continuous axis, the last axis labels collide | | AG‑6602 | Task | [Chart] Add support for time axis in integrated combination charts | | AG‑5550 | Task | [Column Filters] Allow applying the current filter when ENTER key is pressed in a filter dialog | | AG‑3699 | Task | [Charts] Allow expanding specific groups inside the chart panel tabs by default | | AG‑3416 | Task | [React] Make rowGroupPanelShow a reactive property | | AG‑1685 | Task | [Docs] Add a docs example to show adding new rows dynamically if needed to fit all the pasted rows |

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v28.2.0(Oct 4, 2022)

    Release 28.2.0 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑7327 | Bug | [React] Auto Height does not refresh the row height after edit | | AG‑7319 | Bug | When using Safari iOS, tapping on a header checkbox doesn't check it | | AG‑7313 | Task | [Charts] Allow displaying pie labels inside pie/doughnut chart sectors | | AG‑7304 | Bug | When populating cells using the fill handle and a complex object, editing a cell throws an exception | | AG‑7298 | Task | [Charts] Add support to TimeAxis for {min,max} properties | | AG‑7296 | Bug | [SSRM] When pivoting without column groups, creating a pivot charting throws an exception | | AG‑7295 | Bug | [Undo/Redo] Undo action on complex objects is not converted to string value | | AG‑7294 | Task | [Row Grouping] Allow suppression of sort click event and indicator in row group panel and side bar | | AG‑7278 | Bug | [Charts] When using cross-filtering, pie chart tooltip of filtered and un-filtered segment display the same values | | AG‑7276 | Bug | Incorrect group column value is copied when using row grouping with GroupHideOpenParents=true | | AG‑7263 | Bug | [Charts] Stacked area missing values from one series not handled correctly | | AG‑7262 | Bug | When row order changes sorting is not applied inside row groups | | AG‑7259 | Bug | When pivoting, the column menu value aggregation submenu doesn't display a check next to the selected aggregation function | | AG‑7249 | Task | Provide support for Vue 3 urlql | | AG‑7244 | Bug | When clicking above or below a checkbox, the clicked row isn't selected | | AG‑7243 | Bug | [React] Exception thrown when aggregating a group column | | AG‑7242 | Bug | When using Windows and not displaying a horizontal scrollbar, no mouse events are fired for the bottom half of the bottom row in the grid viewport | | AG‑7235 | Task | [Typings] React - Expose ChangeDetectionStrategyType enum | | AG‑7234 | Bug | [Charts] When displaying a histogram, the bins property overrides the binCount property (it shouldn't) | | AG‑7230 | Bug | [ServerSide] Refresh method is called and fails when serverSideRowModel is not active | | AG‑7222 | Task | Add Post Processing of CSS for CRA 3.x/4.x Compatibility | | AG‑7221 | Task | Tighten peer dependencies for patch releases | | AG‑7218 | Bug | [Rendering] ModelUpdatedEvent is raised too often - raised per row change | | AG‑7217 | Task | Add support for SolidJS | | AG‑7212 | Bug | No spacing between set filter apply and cancel buttons in the material theme | | AG‑7211 | Bug | Column header appears blank when the column pinning direction is changed | | AG‑7210 | Bug | [Filters] When using multiple filtering conditions, floating filter displays displayKey instead of displayName | | AG‑7206 | Task | [Row Dragging] Allow displaying the text returned in rowDragText when dragging entire row | | AG‑7200 | Task | [Charts] Allow 0px padding between bars in a bar series | | AG‑7199 | Bug | When double-clicking a non-editable grid cell, row editing events are still fired | | AG‑7198 | Bug | When moving/hiding non-group columns, the group column position is reset | | AG‑7187 | Bug | [Columns Tool Panel] Not possible to update column name on the Columns Tool Panel using the grid context (React) | | AG‑7183 | Bug | [Regression] When pivoting, processPivotResultColGroupDef callback no longer called for pivotRowTotals | | AG‑7176 | Task | [Tool Panel] Add event to be fired when tool panel is resized | | AG‑7147 | Bug | Builds are failing using Vue3, Vite and Typescript | | AG‑7110 | Task | [Chart] Allow changing the name of the histogram series in integrated charts | | AG‑7107 | Bug | When using enableCellChangeFlash with some aggregations, changing a cell in a different column triggers a flash | | AG‑6899 | Task | [Chart] Allow showing chart configuration panel as open by default | | AG‑6879 | Task | [Chart] Allow exporting standalone chart as an image | | AG‑6637 | Bug | When auto-sizing a column via the column menu, the horizontal scrollbar position is reset to show the focused cell | | AG‑5434 | Task | [Chart] Add API to call the chart toolbar buttons (open menu/download/unlink chart) | | AG‑5220 | Task | [Charts] Add a tile formatter to treemap series | | AG‑5198 | Task | [Charts] Allow coloring the middle of the doughnut chart and placing text inside | | AG‑5026 | Task | [Integrated] Allow customizing the list of available series types in the settings tab of the chart toolbar (to allow some series types to be hidden) | | AG‑4875 | Task | [Chart] Allow displaying chart toolbar buttons by default (currently only displayed when hovered) | | AG‑4801 | Bug | When selecting a cell range and pressing the Delete key on Windows (and Backspace on Mac), selected cell values don't get cleared | | AG‑4460 | Task | [Integrated] Allow setting the size of the exported image when saving chart as an image (fixed-size image) | | AG‑1924 | Task | [Excel Export] Allow providing different styles for different column headers when exporting to Excel | | AG‑302 | Task | [Export] Allow exporting rows in a filtered grid even if they don't match the filter |

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v28.1.1(Aug 23, 2022)

    Release 28.1.1 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑7177 | Bug | [Charts] When using a time axis spanning more than a year, an additional tick is added to mark the new year meaning the axis ticks are not evenly spaced out | | AG‑7175 | Bug | In VPRM, keyboard selection is limited to virtual row count | | AG‑7170 | Bug | Cell edits that result in row height changes (AutoHeight) incorrectly clears the cell edit undo / redo stack | | AG‑7159 | Bug | [Charts] AgPieSeriesTooltipRendererParams parameters are missing JSDocs | | AG‑7157 | Bug | When grouping columns via the Column Header Context Menu or the Side Bar Column Context Menu, the columns are never hidden | | AG‑7149 | Bug | When setting ensureDomOrder=true, scrolling the grid causes focus to be lost | | AG‑7148 | Task | [Row Grouping] Allow sorting row groups when using row grouping displayType=groupRows when sorting the group column | | AG‑7146 | Bug | When using React 18, dragging the fill handle down so the viewport is scrolled throws an exception and doesn't enter new values in the cells in the fill handle range | | AG‑7141 | Bug | When using server-side row model, modifying the auto group column filter does not filter the data | | AG‑7130 | Bug | [Regression] When using pinned rows, and copying a grid cell or cell range, cell values from pinned rows are also copied | | AG‑7129 | Bug | When editing a cell using a custom editor, the fill handle is still available (it shouldn't be) | | AG‑7127 | Bug | When using master-detail with the server-side row model, the detail row does not get refreshed when a parent row is updated via transaction | | AG‑7123 | Bug | [Charts] When defining a chart legend label formatter an exception is thrown and the chart is not rendered | | AG‑7122 | Bug | [Charts] When using charts clicking a legend item, in the event params for the legendItemClick event the itemId is undefined for non-polar charts | | AG‑7118 | Bug | [Regression] When using full row edit, the same row cannot be edited twice | | AG‑7109 | Task | Update peer dependencies to add React 18 for AG Charts | | AG‑7106 | Bug | When calling setAutoGroupColumnDef() after the initial render, the auto-group column is not updated | | AG‑7105 | Bug | When pivoting using multiple group columns, changing group column order changes the row grouping hierarchy but doesn't change the column order | | AG‑7101 | Bug | [Charts] Combination chart markers which overlap columns/bars can't be selected/highlighted | | AG‑7093 | Bug | When using a larger number of columns and setting autoHeaderHeight=true, vertically scrolling the grid renders cell values after a delay | | AG‑7078 | Bug | When editing an integrated chart title, multiple renderings of the title are displayed behind the input editing the title | | AG‑7076 | Bug | When setting popupParent to a container of the grid that's offset from the body element, the context menu is displayed at an offset from the cursor location | | AG‑7069 | Bug | [Regression] When using stacked area charts, individual series labels are rendered underneath other stacks and are hidden | | AG‑7053 | Bug | [Charts] When hovering a grouped/stacked column series item in a combination chart, line/area series get rendered over the non-hovered column series but behind the hovered columns | | AG‑7051 | Bug | When exporting to Excel, processRowGroupCallback is only invoked if the group column is the left-most column | | AG‑6914 | Bug | When using a time axis with nice=false, there's a mix of weekday and month values | | AG‑6911 | Bug | [Regression] When using domLayout='autoHeight', checkboxSelection=true and setting a smaller than default row height, the column header is not aligned from the column cells in a pinned column on the other side of the grid | | AG‑6870 | Bug | When using React with pivotMode=true, changing the value of groupDisplayType isn't reflected in the group columns | | AG‑6138 | Bug | [Integrated Charts] Clicking a bubble in the cross-filtering chart example hides it | | AG‑5464 | Task | [Column Sizing] Allow setting column minWidth to be used only when calling sizeColumnsToFit API (this minWidth will not apply when resizing manually) | | AG‑3211 | Task | [SSRM] Add event to fire when using server-side row model after data loaded and rendered (as onFirstDataRendered only works reliably with client-side row model and fires before data is rendered when using SSRM) | | AG‑2299 | Task | [API] Add grid context to all grid event parameters, change docs accordingly | | AG‑2225 | Task | [React] Allow changing cacheBlockSize dynamically (either via API or making it a reactive property) |

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v28.1.0(Aug 3, 2022)

    Release 28.1.0 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑7095 | Bug | [Integrated Charts] Aggregated object values are not charted | | AG‑7094 | Bug | [Integrated Charts] Not possible to disable axes titles in Combination Charts | | AG‑7062 | Bug | When series highlighting enabled and series item hovered bar-series labels are hidden | | AG‑7060 | Task | [Chart] Allow cross line for a single item of a category axis | | AG‑7055 | Bug | When using integrated combination chart without displaying any series, an exception is thrown | | AG‑7052 | Bug | When using stacked column/area series, legend items are in reverse order | | AG‑7049 | Bug | When dragging column headers to the row group panel, the initial hover over the row group panel applies an incorrect group order | | AG‑7047 | Bug | New sorting localisation fields not included in localization key dictionary in docs | | AG‑7046 | Bug | When the left-most header cell receives focus and the LEFT ARROW key is pressed, the navigateToNextHeader event is not called | | AG‑7039 | Bug | When zooming in using the navigator, hovering the chart area displays chart points and tooltips in their original (not zoomed) locations | | AG‑7037 | Bug | Fix Vue 3 Declarative Columns | | AG‑7036 | Bug | When using server-side row model the onFirstDataRendered event fires before data is loaded into the grid rows | | AG‑7032 | Bug | When returning string values as the row id in getRowId callback, the order of rows selected by pressing the SHIFT key is different from the selected row order in the grid | | AG‑7029 | Bug | Memory leak in Filters Tool Panel when adding columns via setColumnDefs() | | AG‑7018 | Bug | When using React 18, the firstDataRendered event is fired before all column headers are displayed and calling autoSizeAllColumns doesn't auto-size columns | | AG‑7017 | Bug | [Regression] When dragging a grouped column from the group panel into the grid, it is displayed in the column header row | | AG‑7011 | Bug | When using React and a component is rendered with createRoot, column header keyboard navigation is broken | | AG‑7009 | Bug | When using floating date filter with in-range operator, the floating filter input shows the dates in format yyyy-mm-dd instead of according to the browser locale | | AG‑7008 | Bug | [Regression] When column sort is removed sortIndex is not set to null | | AG‑7006 | Bug | When rendering an area chart with numeric axes on Mac, an exception is thrown and the chart isn't rendered | | AG‑7005 | Bug | [Regression] When using a touch device, dragging a column header into the row group panel throws a console exception | | AG‑7003 | Bug | [Regression] When using cell editor components, setting editType=fullRow and stopEditingWhenCellsLoseFocus=true editing a cell doesn't focus it and ending the edit throws a console exception | | AG‑7002 | Bug | When using sticky group rows with tree data, scrolling down throws an exception | | AG‑7000 | Bug | [Regression] When editing cells in some columns in the website demo, pressing ENTER key doesn't complete the edit | | AG‑6998 | Bug | [Regression] When using React, falsy values are displayed as empty cell values | | AG‑6997 | Bug | [Regression] When using resizing a column with autoHeight=true, scrolling causes the grid to freeze | | AG‑6996 | Bug | When using cross-filter integrated charts, theme override series fills and strokes settings are ignored | | AG‑6995 | Bug | [Regression] When setting enableCellTextSelection=true and dragging a row, cell values below the dragged row are selected | | AG‑6992 | Bug | [Regression] When displaying the row group panel and dragging a column with enableRowGroup=true up and out of the grid, the column briefly displays the icon showing it will be hidden, but it is not | | AG‑6991 | Bug | When dragging a grid column header, touchEvent.preventDefault() causes warning on header#onTouchEnd | | AG‑6989 | Bug | When using row grouping with sticky group rows, calling setGroupRemoveSingleChildren API method displays empty row groups and throws an exception | | AG‑6988 | Bug | When using groupDisplayType=groupRows, selecting a cell range, expanding and collapsing row groups doesn't clear the selected cell range and displays a different set of cells as selected | | AG‑6987 | Bug | When using React and calling setRowData and startEditingCell API methods, an exception is thrown and the cell is not in edit mode | | AG‑6982 | Bug | [Regression] When using React with enableCellTextSelection=true or autoHeight=true, editing a cell displays its value in the cell below | | AG‑6981 | Bug | When using React 18 with stopEditingWhenCellsLoseFocus=true, editing a cell and pressing TAB key causes editing to stop and focus to be lost | | AG‑6980 | Bug | [Regression] When copying a large number of cells a console exception is thrown and the selected cell range isn't copied | | AG‑6979 | Bug | [Regression] When using Firefox, charts don't display tooltips when hovering a chart series marker | | AG‑6974 | Bug | [Charts] Typings for seriesNodeClick are incorrect | | AG‑6973 | Bug | [Regression] When using custom header templates and sorting, sort order icons and sort index are not displayed | | AG‑6969 | Bug | [Charts] Angular 13+ build issue - OffscreenCanvas typings missing. | | AG‑6968 | Bug | [Charts] Charts code won't execute in environments with CSP and without unsafe-eval set | | AG‑6965 | Bug | When setting suppressClipboardApi=true, copying a value and holding CTRL+V key to paste the value in a grid cell, the copied value gets pasted multiple times in the same cell | | AG‑6959 | Bug | [Regression] When using editType='fullRow', stopEditingWhenCellsLoseFocus=true and a custom cell editor, editing an agSelectCellEditor and pressing ESCAPE key onCellValueChanged and onRowValueChanged events to be fired | | AG‑6956 | Bug | [Regression] When focusing/selecting a cell in the group or total footer rows, copying it to clipboard copies an empty value | | AG‑6949 | Bug | When using rowDrag=true, dragging a row and accessing rowNodes inside the rowDragText callback throws an exception | | AG‑6944 | Bug | [Regression] When using editType=fullRow and stopEditingWhenCellsLoseFocus=true, editing a row with only null values and focusing away from it throws an exception | | AG‑6897 | Bug | [Charts] Resolve options series[].highlightStyle.series.enabled options vs. implementation discrepancy | | AG‑6873 | Task | [Row Selection] Allow displaying disabled (read-only) checkboxes instead of no checkboxes when the row is not selectable | | AG‑6847 | Bug | [Regression] When starting an edit with agSelectCellEditor the valueFormatter is not called and console warnings are displayed | | AG‑6829 | Bug | When changing the visibility of a column by toggling the column checkbox in the columns tool panel, onGridColumnsChanged event is fired (it shouldn't be fired) | | AG‑6825 | Bug | [Regression] When using set filter with suppressSorting=true, set filter values are still sorted | | AG‑6758 | Bug | [Regression] When using Firefox, the horizontal scrollbar doesn't appear when hovered | | AG‑6708 | Bug | When using standalone chart with time x-axis with a custom and a series without any data points with valid time values, the x-axis reverts to using year-based scale | | AG‑6594 | Bug | When setting treemap series tile label visibility to false, tile labels aren't hidden | | AG‑6562 | Bug | [Regression][Vue] When using Vue, dynamically changing components using the components property and grid throws exception | | AG‑6289 | Task | [Chart] Allow adding horizontal/vertical shaded regions inside the chart | | AG‑6137 | Bug | [Integrated Charts] Changes to the Series Fill Opacity are not reflected in the Legend | | AG‑6133 | Bug | When all chart series are hidden via the legend, the entire chart area disappears | | AG‑5738 | Bug | When showing a single line series in the chart and using item highlighting, the marker nearest to the pointer (in x,y space) gets highlighted, causing some markers to not be highlighted even though the pointer is at the same x-value | | AG‑5320 | Bug | When using histogram and setting the bin count, fewer or more bins are actually shown | | AG‑5105 | Task | [Chart] Allow adding crossing lines - vertical lines at specific X-axis values or horizontal lines at specific Y-axis values | | AG‑5103 | Bug | [Framework] In onGridReady the setState() callback hook gets called before the row data is set, preventing the application of an initial filter model | | AG‑4251 | Bug | [React] Memory leak when updating React cell renderers | | AG‑1063 | Task | [SSRM] Allow setting the initial page and scroll position to a particular row index |

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  • v28.0.0(Jul 6, 2022)

    Release 28.0.0 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑6948 | Task | Remove @ag-grid-community/all-modules and @ag-grid-enterprise/all-modules | | AG‑6915 | Task | [Row Sorting] Rename colDef.comparator parameter isInverted to isDescending | | AG‑6903 | Bug | When using Windows-style overlay scrolling in Edge, the horizontal scrollbar doesn't appear when hovered and cannot be dragged | | AG‑6900 | Bug | When enableRangeSelection=true the rangeSelectionChanged event is fired twice instead of once on mousedown | | AG‑6898 | Task | [Charts] Add Legend Item click listener | | AG‑6887 | Task | [Charts] Series highlight z-order improvements | | AG‑6884 | Bug | [Regression] When setting groupHideOpenParents=true, collapsed group row cell values cannot be copied | | AG‑6883 | Bug | When calling setColumnDefs with colDefs with a column that's locked on the left but isn't first in the array or locked to the right but isn't the last, the locked column isn't rendered on the correct side of the grid | | AG‑6878 | Bug | [Regression] When using integrated line/area/scatter charts both x and y axis labels are clipped | | AG‑6874 | Task | Improve the way Cell Class is handled to avoid React’s memory leak | | AG‑6858 | Task | [SSRM] Simplify SSRM by removing Store concept | | AG‑6857 | Bug | When dragging the fill handle in a pinned column, the fill area dashed border isn't shown in the border between the pinned and unpinned columns | | AG‑6856 | Bug | When focusing agNumberColumnFilter, entering a number and turning the mouse wheel increases/decreases the value | | AG‑6852 | Task | [Chart] Allow setting maxWidth for chart legend items | | AG‑6848 | Task | [SSRM] Allow Server-Side Sorting & Filtering when using server-side row model without Infinite Scroll | | AG‑6836 | Bug | [Regression] When using non-QWERTY keyboards (French/German/etc), keyboard shortcuts CTRL+Z/Y don't work | | AG‑6832 | Bug | When using tree data with group selection but not all rows are selectable, the top-level checkbox is indeterminate state and cannot be un-selected | | AG‑6826 | Bug | [Regression] When using React and setting a filter model, filtered rows are rendered with incorrect heights | | AG‑6824 | Bug | When rowSelected event is fired, its event property (storing the browser event) is always undefined | | AG‑6815 | Bug | [Charts] Navigator Initial rendering different after clicking 'show navigator' in docs example | | AG‑6812 | Bug | When destroying grid while the Column Menu Tab of the Column Menu is open, an exception is thrown | | AG‑6806 | Bug | [Regression] When enableRangeSelection=true, clicking a grid cell fires dragStopped event unnecessarily | | AG‑6805 | Bug | When using React, applying column state and then filter model produces empty lines inside the grid rows | | AG‑6801 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow row group, values, pivot areas in columns tool panel to comply with accessibility standards (currently using aria-role attribute instead of role attribute) | | AG‑6795 | Bug | When using row grouping, selecting all rows with header checkbox selection, expanding a row group and dragging a row, console exceptions are thrown | | AG‑6771 | Bug | When using Chrome on Windows with a grid with big number of rows (>50,000) and multiple levels of row grouping, pressing the DOWN ARROW button to scroll the grid, the viewport doesn't keep up and renders with a delay | | AG‑6765 | Bug | [Regression] When using Windows, enabling range selection and suppressing row and column virtualization, using the arrow keys to scroll the viewport, focused cell freezes and doesn't change for a few seconds at a time | | AG‑6759 | Task | Create prod build that doesn't generate source maps | | AG‑6757 | Bug | When dragging a row from a grid into another grid which is partly displayed over the source grid, the row can only be dropped into the target grid part that's not over the source grid | | AG‑6754 | Bug | When using SSRM and setting the aria-rowcount property, its value gets reset each time the grid is scrolled | | AG‑6731 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow row group panel to use correct accessibility attribute (role instead of aria-role) | | AG‑6707 | Task | [Events] Remove rowDataChanged event in favor of rowDataUpdated event, and call filter.onNewRoadsLoaded consitently | | AG‑6706 | Bug | When removing a column from the row group panel, onColumnVisible event isn't fired even though the column visibility changes | | AG‑6703 | Bug | [Regression] When using external filtering and changing the external filter, isExternalFilterPresent callback is called multiple times instead of just once | | AG‑6680 | Bug | [Charts] Series flash when yName property changed | | AG‑6678 | Bug | [Charts] Series items flash in top left corner when toggling via the legend | | AG‑6660 | Bug | When pivoting, reordering secondary columns and then expanding a secondary column resets the secondary column order | | AG‑6601 | Bug | When using Angular 13 and importing AG Grid, a compiler warning is output when building codebase | | AG‑6587 | Task | [Row Grouping] Allow sorting different group columns separately by clicking the grouped column items in the row group panel | | AG‑6539 | Task | [Pivoting] Rename Secondary Columns to Pivot Columns (API members) and update documentation | | AG‑6370 | Task | [Themes] Extend CSS variables in themes | | AG‑6149 | Task | [Frameworks] Publish fully compatible Angular Ivy package | | AG‑5859 | Task | [Chart] Improve chart series and tooltip rendering speed when using column/line series with a large number of data points | | AG‑5740 | Bug | When adding a new series to the chart, it is added as hidden with JavaScript but visible with Angular/React/Vue | | AG‑5611 | Bug | [Regression] When using axis label formatting there are multiple axis labels with the same value | | AG‑5203 | Task | [Aggregation] Improve performance of column aggregation calculation | | AG‑5160 | Task | [Chart] Allow setting maxLength of legend items in characters (followed by ellipsis '...') and displaying a tooltip with the full legend item value when hovering the legend item | | AG‑5000 | Bug | Memory leak when using custom cell renderer component built on CellRendererFramework, pinnedRowCellRendererFramework | | AG‑4953 | Bug | Memory leak when using custom header component built on HeaderComponentFramework | | AG‑4912 | Task | [Row Grouping] Allow column to be hidden when grouping by dragging from the grid header and from the columns tool panel list | | AG‑4807 | Task | [Typings] Add Generics to row data and cell value | | AG‑4229 | Task | [Range Selection] Allow deselecting cells from the selected cell range by CTRL+click a cell or SHIFT+drag to a cell (just like in Excel) | | AG‑3838 | Task | [Chart] Allow Bar/Column series types to support number and time axis | | AG‑3069 | Task | [Excel Export] Allow exporting row groups and tree data to Excel so that you can expand/collapse them in Excel | | AG‑2609 | Task | [Row Selection] Allow isRowSelectable callback to be invoked after cell value edit (currently only called once on initial render) | | AG‑1555 | Task | [Column Headers] Allow column headers to support word wrapping for multi-line text and auto-height | | AG‑463 | Task | [Row Grouping] Allow the group row for the expanded row group to float/stick at the top of the viewport while scrolling through its child rows |

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  • v27.3.0(May 17, 2022)

    Release 27.3.0 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑6772 | Bug | [Charts] When restoring integrated charts, an exception is thrown because of a version parsing issue | | AG‑6762 | Task | [Row Selection] Allow copying selected rows when using range selection and only a single cell is selected | | AG‑6760 | Bug | When using row grouping and groupSelectsChildren=true or tree data and selecting a child row, its parent rows are also unnecessarily selected | | AG‑6755 | Bug | When handling the cellValueChanged event on the column definition and pasting values inside grid cells, the pasteEnd event gets fired before the cellValueChanged event defined in the column definition | | AG‑6752 | Bug | When using row grouping and getRowId callback producing unbalanced groups, setting grid data via rowData property or via setRowData API method produces different row order | | AG‑6749 | Bug | When using row selection and setting enableRangeSelection=true, selecting a single cell copies the row instead | | AG‑6746 | Bug | When using integrated cross-filtering charts, using a valueGetter for a column prevents multiple selection in the chart | | AG‑6743 | Bug | [Regression] When using React, ag-full-width-container DOM element is set incorrect aria role="rowgroup" | | AG‑6739 | Bug | When using SSRM and providing an undefined/null/not an array data source to setServerSideDatasource API method, focusing a column header cell and pressing DOWN ARROW key throws an exception | | AG‑6738 | Bug | When using autoHeight and wrapText in print layout, scrolling causes cell content to shift and resize as they are rendered | | AG‑6737 | Bug | [Regression] When using React, expanding a group row briefly displays chevrons on the left side of child rows | | AG‑6736 | Bug | [Regression] When using tree data, leaf rows display child count number | | AG‑6735 | Bug | [Regression] When using tree data, group row children count represents leaf rows instead of all rows | | AG‑6733 | Bug | [Regression] When pivoting with multiple value columns, the value column totals are incorrect | | AG‑6730 | Bug | When using multiple row selection and setting suppressRowDeselection=true, pressing SHIFT it's still possible to de-select rows | | AG‑6723 | Task | [Updating Data] Add a new property, so that rowData updates never uses immutable data | | AG‑6709 | Bug | [Regression] When using React with custom filters in columns which are out of view, custom filter value is reset to initial value | | AG‑6704 | Bug | When using master-detail grid with groupHideOpenParents=true, expanding a master row hides it | | AG‑6700 | Bug | When using React and setting rowClass via state, this doesn't cause a re-rendering of the rows with the new rowClass value | | AG‑6698 | Bug | [Regression] When using React with autoHeight and wrapText=true scrolling up from the bottom causes rows to jump up and down | | AG‑6693 | Bug | When using area/pie/doughnut charts and hiding some/all series, hovering the chart area still displays tooltips for the hidden series | | AG‑6688 | Bug | When onRowGroupOpened event is fired, its event property is always undefined (it should contain the browser event) | | AG‑6668 | Bug | [Regression] When using range selection, focusing a cell that's initially scrolled out of view horizontally, holding SHIFT key pressed and pressing LEFT ARROW key a few times, only some of the cells are selected | | AG‑6647 | Bug | [Charts] Pie charts render initially with the wrong dimensions and then re-render with the correct dimensions | | AG‑6641 | Bug | [Regression] When using Windows with a non-Latin keyboard layout, keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste grid cell values no longer work | | AG‑6609 | Task | [Column State] Allow keeping currently selected cell range (range selection) when new Column Definitions are loaded | | AG‑6524 | Bug | When showing a grid with data and a loading overlay, calling setColumnDefs to add columns hides the loading overlay | | AG‑6492 | Task | [Events] Add source to sortChanged event | | AG‑6367 | Bug | [Regression] When using custom theme colors in the integrated chart and saving state, the custom theme colors aren't restored when state is reloaded | | AG‑6239 | Bug | [Regression] When using deltaSort=true and updating cells via a transaction, the rows are not reordered according to the sort, and an exception is thrown | | AG‑6207 | Task | [Chart] Allow adjusting the number of axis labels displayed for all continuous axis types (default category, number, time) to prevent axis labels collisions | | AG‑6119 | Bug | When hovering integrated chart legend items, the mouse pointer type remains an arrow instead of a hand pointer | | AG‑5629 | Bug | [Regression] When using deltaSort=true and adding rows via a transaction, an exception is thrown | | AG‑5263 | Task | [Aggregation] Allow defining a defaultAggFunc for a column to be used when the column is used as a value column | | AG‑5243 | Task | [Charts] Allow setting axis label auto rotate to avoid axis label collisions automatically for category/number/time axes | | AG‑4392 | Task | [Accessibility] Add aria-label on a column header to announce the keyboard shortcuts for column menu/sorting if column has column menu or is sortable | | AG‑4273 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow announcing the expanded/collapsed state of group and master rows (add the ARIA-expanded attribute) | | AG‑4223 | Task | [Master/Detail] Allow keyboard navigation in and out of the detail grid (place the detail grid in the DOM order after the master node) | | AG‑3559 | Task | [Chart] Allow group category axis labels to be dropped to avoid axis label collisions in integrated and standalone charting | | AG‑3241 | Task | [Tree Data] Allow tri-state checkbox group selection in tree data | | AG‑2923 | Task | [SSRM] Add the grid context to the IServerSideGetRowsParams in the server-side row model getRows callback | | AG‑2883 | Task | [Pivoting] Add option to remove the value header column row if only adding one value to pivoting | | AG‑2377 | Task | [Clipboard] Allow copying the focused cell instead of the selected rows | | AG‑2174 | Task | [Range Selection] Allow pressing CTRL + SHIFT+ ARROW key to select all cells in the direction of the ARROW key press (just like Excel) |

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  • v27.2.1(Apr 20, 2022)

  • v27.2.0(Apr 19, 2022)

    Release 27.2.0 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑6674 | Bug | [Sparkline] Sparklines label fontSize property type is string instead of number | | AG‑6638 | Bug | [Regression] When using React, rendering a grid with many columns is slower than when using legacy React | | AG‑6636 | Bug | When using server-side row model-partial with a hidden column with autoHeight: true, and setting a column filter value, filtered rows are shown in reduced or stretched height | | AG‑6632 | Bug | [Regression] When using enableRangeSelection=true, selecting a cell range and holding the mouse button pressed moving mouse pointer below the grid, the grid doesn't scroll anymore | | AG‑6622 | Bug | [Regression] When using getRowId callback and calling setRowData API method, onRowDataChanged event not fired | | AG‑6621 | Bug | [Regression] When using master-detail with enableRangeSelection=true and embedFullWidthRows=true and enableCellTextSelection=true on the detail level, detail-level cells text cannot be selected | | AG‑6614 | Bug | [Regression] When using Mac and AG Grid row autoHeight=true, scrolling the viewport down quickly some rows remain at default height and auto-height isn't calculated and cell text displayed in a single line | | AG‑6611 | Bug | [Regression] When using row autoHeight=true, focusing a cell near the bottom of the viewport and holding the PAGE DOWN key, the viewport scrolls but the cell focus is lost and scrolling stops | | AG‑6610 | Bug | When using React and row grouping, the autogroup column cells flicker on each call to setDefaultColDef with a valueSetter, valueGetter, cellRenderer, headerName, sort update | | AG‑6607 | Bug | When calling setDefaultColDef API method, auto-group column menu popup closes | | AG‑6606 | Bug | When calling setDefaultColDef API method, grid auto-group column cells lose focus | | AG‑6605 | Bug | [Regression] When groupMaintainOrder=true and sorting a non-grouped column, group row order is not maintained | | AG‑6598 | Bug | When using pivoting with multi-level grouping (groupHideOpenParents=true) and pagination, expanding all row groups from the group column menu displays an empty grid with no rows | | AG‑6597 | Bug | When filtering a grouped column, modifying the grouped columns (reorder, remove, add a group column), the previously filtered grouped column no longer appears as filtered and changing the filter values doesn't update the floating filter anymore | | AG‑6592 | Bug | When using SSRM-partial, focusing a grid cell and pressing the END key doesn't focus the last row grid cell | | AG‑6590 | Bug | When resizing a column down and clicking the resize handle of a column 2 columns left, the middle column cell values render over the right-most column's cell values | | AG‑6589 | Bug | [Regression] When using SSRM-partial, filtering on a grouped column then ungrouping that column causes two calls to getRows instead of one | | AG‑6584 | Bug | When using localization, aria labels of values and column labels areas in the columns tool panel are incorrect | | AG‑6583 | Bug | When using localization, right-clicking a column with enableValue=true in the columns tool panel, displays ${variable} instead of the column name in the context menu | | AG‑6578 | Bug | When using a pie chart and calling AgChart.update(), an exception is thrown | | AG‑6577 | Task | [Plunker] Add package.json file to Typescript examples to enable autocompletion and type checking | | AG‑6571 | Bug | [Regression] When using tree data with autoHeight=true on a column, row height values returned by getRowHeight for parent rows are ignored and parent rows are set to default row height | | AG‑6565 | Task | [Pivoting] Preserve Pivot State when toggling Pivot Mode | | AG‑6564 | Bug | [Regression] When using React with immutable data and a custom cellRenderer, an exception is thrown | | AG‑6563 | Bug | [Regression] When using headerClass or cellClass to provide multiple CSS classes inside the same string, an exception is thrown and the grid isn't rendered | | AG‑6561 | Task | [Pivoting] Preserve secondary columns expanded state when inserting data that adds a new secondary columns | | AG‑6558 | Bug | When creating multiple integrated charts via API, modifying the series order of the first chart, the series order of the chart created second cannot be changed | | AG‑6557 | Bug | When exporting to Excel, using '&' (ampersand) character in sheetName exports a corrupt file | | AG‑6556 | Bug | [Regression] When using autoHeight=true, cell content does not fill the entire width of the cell | | AG‑6554 | Bug | [Regression] When using React, applying filter model to a custom filter component the grid doesn't render and throws an exception | | AG‑6545 | Bug | When providing duplicate row ids in getRowId callback, the console warning incorrectly refers to the old getRowNodeId callback instead | | AG‑6542 | Bug | [Regression] When using React with a custom sidebar component, a re-render of the grid throws an exception in the console | | AG‑6527 | Bug | [Regression] When enableRangeSelection=true, content in the edited cell cannot be selected | | AG‑6518 | Bug | When using tabToNextCell and navigateToNextCell callbacks, params.previousCellPosition.rowPinned is undefined when it should be null | | AG‑6512 | Bug | [Filtering] SetFilter Excel Mode filter-list behaviour inconsistent with mini-filter behaviour | | AG‑6500 | Bug | [Regression] When setting headerStyle in defaultColGroupDef, having an empty column group cell has incorrect CSS class and all subsequent column group cells to have an incorrect CSS classes set | | AG‑6498 | Bug | When using server-side row model (SSRM) partial, returning non-unique ids via getRowNodeId causes grid to display loading indicators for all rows | | AG‑6440 | Task | [Charts] Improve API reference pages | | AG‑6375 | Bug | [Regression] When using React, building the application code produces a lot of warnings about missing source maps | | AG‑6303 | Bug | When pivoting a string-type column, column filtering resets secondary column state (column width, order, pinning, etc) | | AG‑6231 | Bug | When using tree data, calling applyTransaction to insert new rows at the lower levels (not root) adds the new row at addIndex-1, not at the addIndex value | | AG‑6130 | Task | [Typing] ITooltipParams the apis are optional | | AG‑5837 | Bug | When displaying an area series with missing values, the missing values are plotted as 0 values | | AG‑5824 | Bug | When a datum with null/undefined/NaN X-value is provided to a chart using time axis, a point to represent this datum is still rendered (it shouldn't be rendered) | | AG‑5421 | Task | [Row Sorting] Add multi-column sorting option to always sort on multiple columns without pressing shift key | | AG‑4571 | Task | [Pivoting] Allow saving and restoring ColumnState with Primary/Secondary Columns in pivot mode | | AG‑3353 | Task | [API] Standardize all callbacks so that they all receive a params object with gridApi / columnApi / context etc.. | | AG‑3326 | Task | [Column Pinning] Allow columns to be 'locked' to the RHS of the grid | | AG‑2168 | Task | [Pivoting] Allow filtering in secondary columns when pivoting | | AG‑1228 | Task | [Column Filtering] Allow filtering on aggregated group level values |

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    Source code(zip)
  • v27.1.0(Mar 15, 2022)

    Release 27.1.0 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑6490 | Task | [API] Deprecate PopupTextCellEditor and PopupSelectCellEditor | | AG‑6488 | Bug | [Regression] When using React, hovering over a custom header removes CSS classes from it | | AG‑6478 | Bug | [Regression] When setting a column filter (either on a per-instance level of via applying a filterModel) in onGridReady, the filter is not applied | | AG‑6474 | Bug | [Regression] When filtering grouped data and checking a group header row checkbox, it cannot be unchecked | | AG‑6473 | Bug | When editing a grid cell by double-clicking or pressing F2 key, the onCellEditingStarted params event property should hold the browser event but it is always null | | AG‑6470 | Bug | [Regression] When using React, the status bar components agTotalRowCountComponent, agTotalAndFilteredRowCountComponent, agFilteredRowCountComponent don't display the correct number of rows | | AG‑6469 | Bug | When using master/detail with legacy React with a hook in the custom cell renderer, a React exception is thrown | | AG‑6459 | Bug | [Regression] When using master-detail with Angular & Vue, Framework Components aren't supported in the detail grid | | AG‑6458 | Bug | [Regression] When using React, setting ensureDomOrder=true doesn't order the elements in the DOM | | AG‑6457 | Bug | [Regression] When using React, setting enableCellTextSelection=true, cells in columns with type=numericColumn align values to the left instead the right | | AG‑6456 | Task | [Cell Editing] Allow cellEditorPopup and cellEditorPopupPosition to be dynamic | | AG‑6455 | Bug | When using unmanaged row dragging (rowDragManaged=false), the nodes property is undefined inside the params of the grid events onRowDragEnter, onRowDragMove,onRowDragLeave,onRowDragEnd | | AG‑6453 | Bug | [Regression] When using React, custom Cell Editor props (ICellEditorParams) don't allow accessing key property value due to naming conflict with React | | AG‑6449 | Bug | [Regression] When editing a cell in a column with autoHeight=true which has a larger height, the editor slowly shrinks in height down to default row height | | AG‑6448 | Bug | [Regression] When using master-detail with React/Angular/Vue, providing a custom header component on a detail grid level using the components property throws an exception | | AG‑6447 | Bug | [Regression] When focusing a partially-visible floating filter and pressing TAB, headers are scrolled horizontally but the rows viewport aren't | | AG‑6446 | Bug | [Regression] When using master/detail with custom cell renderer in the detail grid, expanding a row throws an exception | | AG‑6437 | Bug | [Regression] When using ReactUI with SSRM, calling api.setFilterModel method for a custom filter before opening the custom filter via UI throws an exception | | AG‑6435 | Bug | When setting tooltipShowDelay, the delay only applies for the first cell the tooltip is displayed for | | AG‑6434 | Task | [Frameworks][Vue] Add support for v-model to @ag-grid-community/vue3 / ag-grid-vue3 | | AG‑6432 | Bug | [Regression] When entering a non-numeric value in the floating filter input for a numeric column, the floating filter displays 'equals' instead of 'NaN' | | AG‑6431 | Bug | [Regression] When ungrouping all grouped columns, opening the column menu and resetting columns the auto-group column is rendered as the right-most column | | AG‑6427 | Task | [API] MenuItemDef submenu should not have IComponent exposed publicly | | AG‑6426 | Bug | When using theme ag-grid-material or ag-grid-balham, checkboxes of grouped columns in the columns tool panel are displayed to the left of remaining checkboxes on the same level | | AG‑6425 | Bug | When using a full-width cell renderer, calling refreshCells() API method, doesn't call the full-width cell renderer refresh() method | | AG‑6415 | Bug | [Regression] When importing AG Grid on a page, console warning is displayed about missing source map | | AG‑6413 | Bug | When using ReactUI with autoHeight=true and a JavaScript class renderer, the column cells display empty values | | AG‑6411 | Bug | When using ReactUI with server-side row model (SSRM), activating pivot mode by calling columnApi.setPivotMode() throws an exception and leaves the pivot mode switch off | | AG‑6405 | Bug | When using ReactUI rendering with column autoHeight=true, setting column definition type:'rightAligned', or type:'numericColumn' aligns cell values to left instead of to the right | | AG‑6403 | Bug | When using ReactUI rendering, column reordering is slower due to rendering lag | | AG‑6402 | Bug | [Regression] When rendering cells without values, checkbox and row drag elements inside these cells are aligned to the top of the cell instead of centered in the middle | | AG‑6397 | Bug | Update afterGuiAttached typing and documentation to reflect it is called for every framework | | AG‑6395 | Task | [Cell Editing] Allow suppressing grid editing from changing data | | AG‑6394 | Task | Replace getRowNodeId() with getRowId() to make a) immutable data the default and b) provide more info in params | | AG‑6393 | Bug | [Regression] When returning an empty string in cellClass, an exception is thrown and no grid rows are displayed | | AG‑6388 | Bug | [Regression] When using React with master-detail and editing a master cell with cellEditorPopup=true, entering a new value in the cell editor is not then displayed in the cell after editing finishes | | AG‑6385 | Bug | When calling columnApi.getColumnState() API method, in the returned ColumnState, colId can't be null | | AG‑6376 | Bug | [Regression] When using agTextColumnFilter, agNumberColumnFilter, agDateColumnFilter there's no way to keep filter state after refreshing the data by calling setRowData() | | AG‑6369 | Bug | [Regression] When using a compact theme and returning a small height from getRowHeight(), cell values get rendered outside of the rows | | AG‑6364 | Bug | When using React and setting column definitions via state on a grouped grid with groupDisplayType='groupRows' (full-width group rows), an exception is thrown | | AG‑6361 | Bug | When displaying a chart with a time x-axis with data with the same X-value, using axis label format %H:%M displays 00:00 for all x-axis labels | | AG‑6360 | Bug | When using line/scatter chart with data that only has Y=0 values, the Y-axis is not displayed | | AG‑6359 | Bug | [Regression] When setting a column as lockPosition=true, its drag handle is disabled in the columns tool panel and it cannot be dragged to the row groups panel | | AG‑6349 | Bug | When using React with row grouping and groupHideOpenParents=true, expanding all the row groups and sorting on a non-group column, the top row values don't include the group names anymore | | AG‑6331 | Bug | [Regression] When filtering using the number filter, entering a decimal fraction value displays a validation error | | AG‑6330 | Bug | When using React with server-side row model with column grouping, calling columnApi.resetColumnState() API method doesn't clear the grouped column from the row group panel and shows an error in console | | AG‑6326 | Bug | [Regression] When using ReactUI and filtering using the floating filter, scrolling the filtered column out and then back into view clears its floating filter input value | | AG‑6318 | Bug | [Regression] When using chart line series with a time axis, displaying a series with a single data point compresses the x-range of all other series to a single value | | AG‑6317 | Bug | When using column filtering and reordering columns, the filter tool panel no longer displays filtered icons for the filtered columns | | AG‑6316 | Bug | [Regression] When using agNumberColumnFilter, setting allowedCharPattern is ignored and all user input is entered as valid in the filter input | | AG‑6306 | Bug | When using a Mac with setting show scrollbars="When scrolling" or "Automatically based on mouse or track", scrolling the grid right displays two horizontal scrollbars on Chrome, Firefox and Safari | | AG‑6304 | Bug | When dragging multiple rows from the grid, an untranslated string is used for 'rows' | | AG‑6298 | Bug | [Changelog] When providing the version number as a parameter in the URL, the version isn't set in the dropdown or the grid | | AG‑6295 | Bug | When the focused cell is in edit mode, calling tabToNextCell/tabToPreviousCell which returns a non-editable cell, the grid freezes with an infinite loop | | AG‑6276 | Bug | [Docs] Aggregation function example using a cell value that's a complex object with a toString method, throws an exception when exporting to CSV | | AG‑6263 | Bug | When using the theme icon "none" as a tool panel icon, the grid can't load it and doesn't display it | | AG‑6261 | Bug | When using pagination and changing the page size, the row styles don't get reapplied | | AG‑6015 | Bug | Create isolated version of ESM bundles | | AG‑5728 | Bug | When hovering over a line/area segment of a zoomed in chart, the tooltip of the points rendered off-screen are still displayed | | AG‑4030 | Task | [Column State] Allow defaultColDef to be reactive, and provide api.setDefaultColDef() for when not using a framework |

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  • v27.0.1(Feb 22, 2022)

    Release 27.0.1 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑6351 | Bug | [Regression] When using agGroupCellRenderer or default cell renderer, the content is rendered vertically offset from the middle of the cell | | AG‑5966 | Bug | When rows are narrow, clicking inside a selection checkbox doesn't check it |

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  • v27.0.0(Feb 8, 2022)

    Release 27.0.0 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑6319 | Task | [React] Remove isPopup() and getPopupPosition() API methods for Custom Cell Editors | | AG‑6312 | Bug | [Regression] When using SSRM-partial and autoHeight=false, adding a new row reduces the heights of all visible rows | | AG‑6311 | Bug | When using ReactUI, clicking on a grid cell removes the hovered style for the row | | AG‑6309 | Bug | When using ReactUI=true and a custom cell editor with an input field firing an onBlur event, navigating away from the edited cell does not trigger the onBlur event | | AG‑6308 | Bug | When using ReactUI with pivoting, adding a value column displays an error in console | | AG‑6307 | Bug | When using ReactUI with master/detail detailRowAutoHeight=true, providing a custom detail cell renderer uses default height (300px) instead of correct auto-height | | AG‑6305 | Bug | When using ReactUI with cellEditorPopup=true, focusing a cell editor and pressing TAB key takes focus out of the grid | | AG‑6294 | Bug | When using ReactUI=true and valueGetter in the auto-group column, the grid throws an exception | | AG‑6292 | Bug | When using ReactUI=true with pinned columns, a second set state causes the pinned column cells to not display any data (because the pinned column has lost its width) | | AG‑6290 | Bug | When using ReactUI=true and agMultiColumnFilter as a floating filter, opening the floating filter or column menu and unmounting the grid throws an exception | | AG‑6287 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow using the keyboard to move columns in the column tool panel to the row groups, values, column labels panels | | AG‑6286 | Bug | [Regression] When setting enableCharts=true, initially rendering the grid in Chrome, multiple console warnings are output about non-passive touchstart and wheel event listeners being added | | AG‑6279 | Bug | When using ReactUI and enableRangeSelection=true, adding a group column via API throws an exception and doesn't render the group column values | | AG‑6274 | Bug | [Regression] When setting autoHeight=true on a column and using a custom cell background color, the horizontal borders between rows aren't displayed in the autoHeight=true column | | AG‑6271 | Bug | When using ReactUI and selecting a cell range, setting new column definitions via a state variable throws an exception | | AG‑6265 | Bug | When evaluating cellClassRules classes, this happens in O(n^2) instead of O(n) | | AG‑6264 | Bug | React UI Regressions | | AG‑6262 | Bug | When calling api.setQuickFilter with a non-string value, an exception in thrown | | AG‑6257 | Bug | [Regression] When using integrated charts, updating a large amount of data in the grid causes chart to briefly disappear | | AG‑6256 | Bug | [Regression] When getting the set filter instance for a column with filter=false, calling api.onFilterChanged throws an exception | | AG‑6255 | Bug | [Regression] When using a custom header component inside a column group, the init method gets invoked for the custom header component even if the group is already removed | | AG‑6251 | Bug | [Regression] When using master-detail, updating a master row sets its detailGridInfo to null | | AG‑6250 | Bug | [Regression] When importing AG Grid with modules, using server-side row model-partial and setting a column filter value, result rows are stretched in height to occupy the total height of the unfiltered rows | | AG‑6247 | Bug | [Regression] When pivoting and updating a state variable in React, secondary column header name isn't updated | | AG‑6246 | Bug | [Regression] When setting autoHeight:true and wrapText:true and defining a style with a right cell border, for a row with a cell that's wrapped the border is not rendered in cells that don't have wrapped cell values | | AG‑6245 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow announcing the filter operation select element as a combobox (it is currently simply announced as "clickable") | | AG‑6238 | Bug | When using ReactUI=true, calling grid API methods while grid is first rendering is throwing an exception | | AG‑6235 | Bug | [Regression] When setting cellClass for a column but not returning any value for some cells, an exception is thrown and cells without a style set aren't rendered | | AG‑6233 | Bug | When using ReactUI=true and filterValueGetter on the group column, updating state throws an exception | | AG‑6226 | Task | [Docs] Add a docs example showing how to build a progress bar using a bar sparkline | | AG‑6223 | Bug | When providing row node ids via the getRowNodeId callback, providing a 0 value returns it as a number instead of a string | | AG‑6222 | Bug | [Regression] When using agNumberColumnFilter, a filter model with value 0 for any filter operation cannot be restored | | AG‑6220 | Bug | [Regression] When using automatic row height (autoHeight=true), the grid enters an infinite loop in measureHeight | | AG‑6204 | Task | [Charts] Preserve scroll position when tabbing between integrated chart menu tabs | | AG‑6192 | Bug | When displaying a stacked area series with negative data values normalised to 1 the Y-axis range includes positive values | | AG‑6191 | Bug | When stacked area series is normalised to some values, it causes misplacement of a marker in the top left corner of the chart | | AG‑6188 | Bug | [Regression] When using the integrated pivot chart with multiple line series, x-axis labels are repeated for every series | | AG‑6187 | Task | [Typing] Correct Chart Options | | AG‑6186 | Task | Allow Framework Components to be registered without xxxFramework | | AG‑6185 | Bug | When using ReactUI=true and a JavaScript cell renderer component, updating the cell value appends multiple instances of the cell renderer output | | AG‑6180 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow screen reader announcements of group column items in row group panel and keyboard navigation for enumerating and removing row group panel group column items | | AG‑6178 | Task | [Excel Export] Allow exporting collapsible column groups in AG Grid as collapsible column groups in the Excel export | | AG‑6172 | Bug | When using tree-data with server-side row model and calling refreshServerSideStore for a route with a leaf node which becomes a parent node, the row doesn't get refreshed | | AG‑6169 | Bug | When using numeric x-values with category x-axis in combination charts, the x-axis labels repeat themselves and series are rendered side by side | | AG‑6168 | Bug | Updating chart data for combination charts causes the x-axis to flicker | | AG‑6167 | Bug | [Regression] When exporting grid data to XML format, the exported content format no longer includes style data in the header | | AG‑6161 | Bug | [Regression] When using autoHeight=true and wrapText=true calling the api.resetRowHeights method sets rows height to default and renders the cell value wrapped text over the cells below | | AG‑6155 | Bug | [Regression] When setting suppressAnimationFrame: true, console warnings are output | | AG‑6143 | Bug | [Regression] When a column has autoHeight: true and rendering a null/undefined/empty cell value, the default cell renderer has no height and cannot be clicked | | AG‑6142 | Bug | [Regression] When using provided set filter values including nulls and an empty string, the empty string is represented with a separate set filter item instead of included in the (Blanks) item | | AG‑6140 | Bug | Type SortModel using string literals for sort direction and correct IHeaderParams setSort typing | | AG‑6139 | Bug | [Docs] When printing using the printing documentation example, console errors are emitted | | AG‑6135 | Bug | [Regression] When all bar series are hidden via the legend, the Y-axis disappears | | AG‑6134 | Bug | When the chart navigator is zoomed in and the chart is updated, column items are rendered outside of chart area | | AG‑6132 | Bug | When using ReactUI with tree data, quick-filtering and deleting the quick filter text throws an exception | | AG‑6120 | Bug | When using ReactUI=true, providing column definition aggFunc values 'avg' or 'count' throws an exception | | AG‑6116 | Bug | [Regression] React Example Repo - Redux Example Throws Exception | | AG‑6115 | Bug | [Typing] Scatter Chart Paired config option does nothing | | AG‑6113 | Task | [Typing] Typo in AgDropShadowOptions interface - "blue" property should be called "blur" | | AG‑6111 | Task | [Integrated Charts] Change chartType to a string literal instead of enum type | | AG‑6109 | Bug | [Regression] When using a pinned column with row auto-height, the vertical separator between the pinned column and the rest of the columns doesn't extend the entire height of the cell | | AG‑6107 | Bug | When using ReactUI=true and enableRtl=true, grid doesn't render and throws an exception | | AG‑6105 | Task | [Docs] Clarify that registering a grid module makes it available to all grids | | AG‑6104 | Bug | When using ReactUI=true, auto-sizing a column is significantly slower | | AG‑6100 | Bug | When using ReactUI=true with pivoting, calling api.setFilerModel throws an exception | | AG‑6089 | Bug | When filtering a grouped column and ungrouping/regrouping the column, modifying the group filter doesn't update the floating filter input values | | AG‑6087 | Bug | When using React with ReactUI=true, complex row spanning example throws exception | | AG‑6086 | Bug | [Regression] When setting an in-range filter with 0 as a lower bound, the filter is not applied | | AG‑6085 | Bug | When the standalone chart data is updated, the current navigator position is reset | | AG‑6084 | Bug | [Regression] When filtering boolean values using the set filter, no records are displayed in the grid | | AG‑6083 | Task | [Typing] Create ISetFilter and IMultiFilter interface to type public methods | | AG‑6079 | Task | [Typing] Allow tooltipValueGetter to return strings as well as custom objects (for use in custom tooltip components) | | AG‑6078 | Bug | When using ReactUI, dragging a column resize handle is slow and not responsive | | AG‑6068 | Task | [Typing] Excel Interior does not support undefined options | | AG‑6066 | Task | [Typing] Support undefined refreshSeverSideStore params | | AG‑6065 | Bug | getRowStyle API method typing incorrectly doesn't allow returning an 'undefined' value | | AG‑6064 | Bug | [Regression] When cell editor popup is used it cannot be displayed under the edited cell (because getPopupPosition return value is ignored by editors) | | AG‑6061 | Task | [Sparkline] Allow a crosshair (a horizontal and a vertical line crossing at the mouse pointer location) to displayed when hovering the sparkline area | | AG‑6060 | Task | [Typing] Allow setPinnedTopRowData and setPinnedBottomRowData API methods to take undefined as an input parameter | | AG‑6059 | Bug | When tabbing through floating filter inputs, tabbing into a column without a floating filter or without a floating filter button prevents focusing the next column floating filter input | | AG‑6057 | Bug | [Regression] When using React with useEffect hook to load data in the grid, data is loaded twice | | AG‑6056 | Bug | When providing grid data via a state variable, row dragging/dropping doesn't update the row data | | AG‑6054 | Bug | Callbacks navigateToNextHeader, tabToNextHeader, navigateToNextCell, tabToNextCell) can't return a null value | | AG‑6052 | Bug | [Regression] When using an agNumberColumnFilter to filter for values equal to 0, no values are returned | | AG‑6051 | Bug | When using integrated charts to chart all rows in a grid, grand/group total footer rows shouldn't be included | | AG‑6049 | Task | [Typing] HeaderClass type needs checking | | AG‑6046 | Bug | [Regression] When de-selecting any non-blank set filter item, blank values also get filtered out from the grid even though the (blanks) set filter item is selected | | AG‑6044 | Bug | When showing multiple series in a doughnut chart, chart segments are not sized correctly and only their right halves get displayed | | AG‑6041 | Bug | [Regression] When re-ordering grid columns via drag and drop in Safari, all elements on the page are selected | | AG‑6039 | Task | [Typing] Set header height types incorrect | | AG‑6031 | Bug | [Regression] When using SSRM (partial and full store types) with master-detail, calling setExpanded on master rows throws an exception | | AG‑6030 | Bug | When using React with TypeScript, error is displayed about the api object not being a member of AgGridReact | | AG‑6029 | Task | [SSRM] Make getRowNodeId callback required when using SSRM and selection | | AG‑6027 | Bug | When using ReactUI and not registering ClientSideRowModelModule, rendering the grid throws an exception | | AG‑6026 | Bug | [React] When using ReactUI with enableRangeSelection=true, clicking a grid cell and then modifying a state variable throws an exception and the grid doesn't render anymore | | AG‑6022 | Task | Rename 'Original Group' in Grid API | | AG‑6014 | Bug | Remove dependency on vue-class-component for Vue 3 packages | | AG‑5987 | Bug | [Regression] When enableBrowserTooltips=true, the displayed tooltip value is escaped twice | | AG‑5974 | Bug | When using integrated charts to chart a column that doesn't have chartDataType: 'series' and has cell values including undefined/null, the chart displays a message 'No data available to be charted' | | AG‑5969 | Bug | When exporting to Excel, the patternColor setting is not applied to the cells in the exported Excel file | | AG‑5966 | Bug | When rows are narrow, clicking inside a selection checkbox doesn't check it | | AG‑5953 | Task | [Keyboard Navigation] Deprecate suppressCellSelection and rename it to suppressCellFocus to better reflect its effect on cell focus, not selection | | AG‑5948 | Bug | When setting suppressCellSelection: true, only cell focus styling is suppressed, not cell focus | | AG‑5931 | Bug | [Regression] When setting autoHeight to a non-boolean value, grid rows are continuously resizing | | AG‑5902 | Task | [Clipboard] Allow normalizing copied cell ranges and pasting copied values in the order they appear in the grid (just like Excel) instead of in the order they were selected | | AG‑5899 | Bug | When using custom detail with autoHeight: true, expanding a master row causes flicker as detail row changes size | | AG‑5865 | Bug | When using integrated charts with a grid with a bottom pinned row, the chart only renders an element to represent the first grid row, ignoring the remaining rows | | AG‑5862 | Bug | When using an infinite row model or server-side row model (partial), the default value for maxConcurrentDatasourceRequests is not respected and AG Grid makes more concurrent requests than allowed | | AG‑5836 | Task | [Sparkline] Allow displaying the sparkline tooltip at a custom offset from the mouse cursor location | | AG‑5718 | Bug | refreshView API method is deprecated, but used in example code | | AG‑5703 | Bug | [React] When opening grid instance in new window using React portal, grid doesn't respond to column resizing, context menu closing, cell copying | | AG‑5681 | Task | [Layout & Styles] Allow reevaluating the rowClassRules without redrawing the entire row and recreating cellRenderers | | AG‑5674 | Bug | When using stacked 100% chart type, having negative values in a stack causes its height to exceed 100% | | AG‑5310 | Bug | When the column menu is opened via the column header cell, return focus to column header cell after the column menu is closed | | AG‑5268 | Task | [Column Filter] Set Filter - make newRowsAction 'keep' by default | | AG‑5169 | Task | [Column Filter] Use valueGetterParams in the filterParams valueGetter instead of just the node as param | | AG‑5044 | Task | [Column Filters] Add more params to the textCustomComparator including rowNode, valueFormatter and actual value | | AG‑4839 | Task | [Column Headers] Allow setting the horizontal position of the column (start,end,middle) when using ensureColumnVisible | | AG‑4797 | Task | [Tooltip] Allow setting a custom hide tooltip timeout value | | AG‑4734 | Task | [Column Filtering] Add a "non-blank" filter operation to all simple filters | | AG‑4624 | Task | [Deprecation] KeyboardEvent.which and KeyboardEvent.keyCode should be deprecated | | AG‑3565 | Task | [Column Sizing] Allow group column header values to be considered when performing column autosize | | AG‑2824 | Task | [Clipboard] Allow the context menu "Copy with Column Headers" to work with multiple column header levels (column groups / secondary columns) | | AG‑2733 | Bug | When focusing a cell whose height exceeds available viewport height, PAGE DOWN and PAGE UP keys don't scroll the viewport anymore | | AG‑2358 | Task | [Status bar] Allow changing the title and formatting the number value of the default status bar components (avg, count, min, max and sum) |

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  • v26.2.0(Nov 17, 2021)

    Release 26.2.0 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑6008 | Bug | IDate & IDateComp - setDisabled should be optional | | AG‑5996 | Bug | When using Angular/React/Vue, the Filter Component destroy method is never fired when the grid is destroyed | | AG‑5994 | Bug | [Regression] When using declarative columns in Angular, settings in defaultColDef are not applied to the columns | | AG‑5984 | Bug | When a column has lockVisible=true, it cannot be dragged inside the column tool panel to be reordered or grouped/aggregated/pivoted | | AG‑5983 | Bug | [Regression] When using Internet Explorer 11 and auto-sizing (a single or all) columns, the columns are not auto-sized and an exception is thrown | | AG‑5982 | Bug | [React] When using reactUi=true and providing rowData via a state variable, editing a cell causes stale state and resets the rowData to empty | | AG‑5980 | Bug | When using AG Grid community, setting groupMaintainOrder=true prevents column sorting | | AG‑5973 | Bug | [Regression] When using pivot chart and setting the series type to line, no chart is rendered | | AG‑5972 | Bug | When setting groupMaintainOrder: true, column filtering doesn't work | | AG‑5964 | Bug | When column definition is setting width=undefined, it doesn't take the value of the defaultColDef width | | AG‑5959 | Bug | [Charts] - Line Chart doesn't work with Grouped Category Axis | | AG‑5956 | Bug | When displaying a submenu in a popup (the PIN COLUMN submenu of the columns menu or a sub-menu in a multi-filter), clicking a submenu item hides and displays the popup even if it's already displayed | | AG‑5954 | Bug | [Docs] Clarify in the DateFilterModel API docs that the default date format is YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss | | AG‑5951 | Bug | When using Vue3, treat frozen data as non-reactive | | AG‑5942 | Bug | When tapping a grid cell on a iOS mobile device, its custom tooltip shows up briefly and disappears | | AG‑5941 | Bug | [Regression] When using a column filter with subMenu or accordion type multi-filter pressing ESC key doesn't close the filter popup | | AG‑5936 | Bug | When using row autoHeight: true with server-side row model (partial), scrolling down to another block and purging the cache leaves the grid blank | | AG‑5933 | Bug | [Regression] When using server-side row model pressing DOWN ARROW key, when a loading cell renderer is reached focus is lost | | AG‑5925 | Task | [Column Filters] Display a red border around the date picker filter input when invalid input is provided | | AG‑5915 | Bug | [Regression] When providing a field in the autoGroupColumn, the autoGroupColumn can no longer be sorted | | AG‑5905 | Bug | [Column Filters] SetFilter Filter List should be case insensitive by default | | AG‑5903 | Bug | When using Vue3, updating row data with a call to setDataValue resets row selection state | | AG‑5901 | Bug | When updating the rowData, the GroupTotalFooter node's leafchildren property is not updated | | AG‑5898 | Bug | When pivoting and paging without displaying any columns, pagination panel row count is incorrect (1 instead of 0) | | AG‑5897 | Bug | [Regression] When using infinite row model, the first row cannot be made a full-width row | | AG‑5896 | Bug | ReactUI allows access to the api via ref before the grid is fully ready, which can trigger exceptions | | AG‑5892 | Bug | [Docs] Add the missing defaultExcelExportParams property to the Excel export API page | | AG‑5890 | Bug | applyColumnState does not use minWidth as boundary | | AG‑5884 | Bug | [Regression] When selecting a cell range of strings and applying the Fill Handle, the first cell string value is not entered into the filled cells, only the subsequent ones | | AG‑5881 | Task | [Charts] Add Vue3 support to Standalone Charts | | AG‑5880 | Bug | When changing sparkline rendering options while updating sparkline data an exception is thrown | | AG‑5879 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow full-width rows to have valid ARIA fields for static accessibility tests | | AG‑5878 | Task | [Accessibility] Add ARIA labels to the set filter virtual list container | | AG‑5874 | Bug | [Regression] When using row autoHeight=true and applying top or bottom cell padding, the padding settings are ignored when rendering | | AG‑5873 | Bug | When setting set filter model for a grouped column and ungrouping/regrouping the column, resetting the filter model doesn't clear the text in the floating filter input | | AG‑5871 | Bug | [Regression] When axis and series formatting options are modified the chart isn't re-rendered | | AG‑5870 | Task | [Sparkline] Add a bar sparkline | | AG‑5868 | Bug | [Regression] When using row autoHeight: true and calling setRowData, the rows flicker as they change their height | | AG‑5860 | Bug | [Docs] Clarify in the docs how to use Vue provide/inject methods with components inside in the grid | | AG‑5852 | Bug | [Vue3] When defining a component with props as an Object an error is thrown | | AG‑5844 | Bug | When using a column filter with multiple conditions and the first filter operator in the list hides the filter input, it is always applied by default as the second condition | | AG‑5843 | Bug | [Regression] When loading the ESM build of ag-grid-enterprise, the imports do not resolve | | AG‑5840 | Bug | When resizing integrated charts dialog, status bar text is selected | | AG‑5839 | Bug | Export all types from community in enterprise (ag-grid-enterprise with typescript) | | AG‑5838 | Bug | When displaying data points with missing Y-values, area sparklines do not render them | | AG‑5735 | Bug | [Regression] When setting preventDefaultOnContextMenu=true and right-clicking the ag-grid-community grid, the default context menu is still displayed | | AG‑5685 | Task | [Column Filters] Allow maxValidYear to be set when using a date filter | | AG‑5588 | Bug | [Regression] When exiting cell edit mode, React Cell Renderer for edited cell flickers | | AG‑5576 | Task | [Column Filter] Allow disabling filter inputs so users can see the filter conditions/selection but not modify it | | AG‑5426 | Task | [Row Height] Allow maximum row height to be set in cellStyle/rowStyle when using autoHeight=true | | AG‑5417 | Bug | When changing chart axis label rotation chartOptionsChanged event not fired | | AG‑5400 | Bug | When a chart node (marker, column, bar etc) is colorised using a formatter function, the corresponding tooltip title isn't using the same color | | AG‑4751 | Task | [Chart] Add nodeClick, seriesNodeClick event to treemap chart | | AG‑4584 | Task | [Column Filters] Add grid api, column and context to SetFilterValuesFuncParams interface | | AG‑4456 | Bug | When deserializing chart state, X-axis label rotation value isn't applied | | AG‑3453 | Task | [Column Filters] Add support for range filters (i.e. two values, "from" and "to") in custom filter options | | AG‑2151 | Task | [Column Filters] Add to filterChanged event parameters a reference to the column whose filter changed | | AG‑2093 | Task | Allow fast tabbing through floating filter inputs when focused | | AG‑2043 | Task | [Column Filters] Add column information to the set filter cellRenderer params (filterParams.cellRenderer) |

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  • v26.1.0(Oct 1, 2021)

    Release 26.1.0 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑5809 | Bug | Chart axis title should disappear along with the ticks (if the axis has no associated data) | | AG‑5806 | Bug | [Regression] When modifying headerClass of a column definition via React state, the new class value doesn't take effect | | AG‑5794 | Task | [Scrolling] Add option to block scrolling when grid popups are open (editor popups, Context Menu) | | AG‑5772 | Bug | [Regression] When using autoHeight columns and scrolling vertically, cell text flickers when it gets rendered | | AG‑5767 | Bug | Problems with SelectorFunc | | AG‑5765 | Bug | [Regression] When cell class rules are used only the last class of the matching condition is applied to the cell | | AG‑5764 | Bug | [Regression] When using groupUseEntireRow=true, ValueFormatter not applied to group row values | | AG‑5761 | Bug | Chart themes doesn't accept a TimeInterval object for axes-tick-count | | AG‑5758 | Bug | When using scatter/bubble chart with series labels, zooming in the navigator an exception is thrown and the navigator cannot be zoomed out anymore | | AG‑5757 | Bug | [Regression] When setting the current column definitions, grid cells flash (by a call to setColumnDefs ) | | AG‑5755 | Bug | When selecting an item in the agRichSelectCellEditor and pressing TAB key the selected value isn't entered as the new cell value | | AG‑5754 | Bug | When using full-row editing, pressing UP/DOWN ARROW keys in the popup of the agRichSelectCellEditor doesn't change the selected item | | AG‑5753 | Bug | [Regression] When using master-detail and expanding a master row, its detail grid cannot be immediately accessed | | AG‑5748 | Bug | When using aligned grids, removing a group column from the row group panel doesn't make it visible in aligned grid, only in source grid | | AG‑5747 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow column tool panel items to be announced with their index in the columns list and provide labels to checkboxes | | AG‑5745 | Bug | When using the infinite row model and reordering the selected row above the rest of the rows with refreshInfiniteCache, the selected row cannot be de-selected anymore | | AG‑5737 | Bug | Inaccurate type definition for GetContextMenuItemsParams['node'] | | AG‑5732 | Bug | When displaying an image inside a grid cell, that image cannot be dragged like an image outside of the grid (dragging the image, not the row) | | AG‑5731 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow announcing number of matching records after column filtering | | AG‑5729 | Task | [Row Grouping] Prevent displaying a row drag handle or allowing entire row dragging when rows are grouped | | AG‑5727 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow column menu to indicate to screen readers it's a dialog (via an aria-role label) | | AG‑5717 | Bug | When number axis.min/max config is used to limit the auto-detected data domain, series markers cluster at the edges of a chart | | AG‑5714 | Bug | When using integrated charting, the series formatter doesn't get called | | AG‑5708 | Bug | [Regression] When pivoting, changing the visibility of a column resets the aggFunc to 'sum' | | AG‑5683 | Bug | [Regression] When using SSRM - calling refreshServerSideStore() closes the context menu | | AG‑5680 | Bug | When calling setColumnDefs, group row selection is broken | | AG‑5679 | Bug | [Regression] When using declarative columns and an inline cell renderer, updating data closes all expanded filters tool panels | | AG‑5676 | Bug | When using MacOS and only showing the scroll bar when scrolling, cells appearing under the scrollbar are visible but not clickable | | AG‑5673 | Bug | When using stacked 100% chart type (normalized column, normalized bar, normalized area), the Y-axis labels should end with '%' | | AG‑5661 | Bug | When using reactUI and the getRowStyle callback, an exception is thrown | | AG‑5653 | Bug | [Docs] Correct broken links to stylesheet files in documentation segments | | AG‑5636 | Bug | Row drag not updated after a call to api.setColumnDefs | | AG‑5635 | Bug | When using the grid with pinned columns on any browser on OSX there's incorrect border between the main viewport and that of the pinned column | | AG‑5633 | Bug | [Typing] Update typing for return value of CellRendererSelectorFunc to include undefined | | AG‑5631 | Bug | [Regression] When enableCellTextSelection=true, dragging a row highlights text across cells | | AG‑5622 | Bug | When many extra DOM elements are rendered on a page, focusing a grid cell happens after a delay | | AG‑5616 | Bug | When setting domLayout="print" grid fits within the current page instead of increasing its width, causing columns to get clipped | | AG‑5615 | Task | [Typing] Add Cell Renderer function params | | AG‑5614 | Bug | [Charts] Formatting axis labels using a format string does not work for SI units | | AG‑5612 | Bug | When a column header cell is focused and then refreshed via refreshHeader(), focus is lost | | AG‑5604 | Bug | When the grid has a cell range selected, clicking the drag handle element focuses the cell and clears the selected cell range | | AG‑5600 | Bug | When using full-width group rows, cellClass doesn't get called | | AG‑5520 | Bug | [Regression] When changing column visibility, the column menu popup moves and is clipped by the viewport | | AG‑5498 | Bug | [Regression] When entering a value which produces no matches in the filter value input, the filter popup is moved and clipped on the right | | AG‑5305 | Task | [Accessibility][Keyboard Navigation] Allow focus to move from the sidebar button into the active tool panel controls | | AG‑5299 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow correct announcements for the column menu tabs (via the use of role=tablist) | | AG‑5246 | Task | [Accessibility] Resolve broken ARIA label reference error for column header cell select-all checkbox | | AG‑5120 | Bug | [Pivoting] Improve pivoting calculation performance on large datasets ( > 50K rows) | | AG‑5082 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow filter tool panel items to be expanded using the SPACE key and announce their current expanded/collapsed state | | AG‑4705 | Task | [Accessibility] Allow JAWS screen reader to announce visible records when using pagination after previous/next button clicked (using aria-live regions with paging) | | AG‑4661 | Task | [Accessibility] Add ARIA form label to checkboxes in column tool panel | | AG‑4139 | Task | [Column Tool Panel] Allow drag&drop to reorder columns inside Columns tool panel | | AG‑3986 | Task | [Drag & Drop] Entire Row Dragging without the need for a drag handle | | AG‑3761 | Bug | When you paste a new value in a cell, rowClassRules do not get refreshed | | AG‑3680 | Task | [Range Selection] Allow disabling the Fill Handle on a per-column basis | | AG‑3085 | Task | [API] Add "column" and "node" as additional params in keyCreator callback | | AG‑2932 | Task | [Accessibility] Add ARIA label to filter tool panel - filter columns input | | AG‑2863 | Task | [API] Allow colDef.template to take a callback with params specifying the column and other useful information | | AG‑2608 | Task | [API] Add the api param to NavigateToNextCellParams | | AG‑824 | Bug | [Regression] Editor popups don't keep relative positioning to grid when viewport scrolled |

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  • v26.0.0(Aug 18, 2021)

    Release 26.0.0 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑5625 | Task | Update and Improve Types on Angular Interfaces | | AG‑5623 | Task | [Tool Panel] Remove unused old API showToolPanel | | AG‑5610 | Bug | Add -grid to framework prefixes | | AG‑5609 | Task | Add source to setColumnWidth api's | | AG‑5607 | Task | Enhance Row Auto Height Support | | AG‑5605 | Task | [Integrated Charts] Remove deprecated processChartOptions() grid option callback | | AG‑5602 | Task | Make Column Hover and Opt In Feature | | AG‑5598 | Bug | [Charts] When dynamically changing chart axes, they are not updated correctly | | AG‑5596 | Bug | Vue 3 Integrated Charts Examples Broken on CI | | AG‑5594 | Task | Allow component selectors return direct references | | AG‑5593 | Task | Remove pinnedrowCellRenderer | | AG‑5592 | Bug | Vue 3 Integrated Charts Examples Not Working | | AG‑5591 | Bug | CI Docs Deployment - FW examples not working | | AG‑5585 | Bug | When using master-detail, long tooltips are clipped by the detail grid viewport instead of being wrapped on multiple lines | | AG‑5583 | Bug | [Typing] getRowNode gridApi method has incorrect return type null, and actual return type undefined which isn't documented | | AG‑5582 | Task | [Row Grouping] Allow custom Cell Renderers to be used with Group Footer Rows | | AG‑5580 | Task | [Status Bar] IStatusPanelComp does not have the getFrameworkComponentInstance or setVisible or isVisible properties | | AG‑5579 | Bug | When pressing CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW key to navigate into a pinned column cell, a console warning message is output | | AG‑5572 | Bug | React Examples Large Data Community Features Comment Toggle Incorrect for Community | | AG‑5571 | Bug | When using a long value for a column menu item, column menu gets clipped for the right-most column | | AG‑5570 | Bug | [Regression] When pivoting, auto-sizing the group column doesn't make it wide enough and cell values get truncated | | AG‑5569 | Bug | Vue 3 Reactivity and Composition API Support | | AG‑5567 | Bug | When using server-side row model with full store, opening the last master row doesn't display a detail-level grid | | AG‑5563 | Bug | The 'defaultGroupSortComparator' grid option is incorrectly named, should be renamed to 'defaultGroupOrderComparator' | | AG‑5560 | Bug | Chart tooltips can jitter in Chrome when mouse cursor is moved around | | AG‑5558 | Task | Charts - Add getChartImageDataURL() to the GridAPI | | AG‑5549 | Bug | When editing a cell, undoing a previous edit twice reverts the previously edited cell to the new value instead of the original one | | AG‑5540 | Bug | [Regression] When scrolling the grid down, dragging a column header out of the grid doesn't remove it anymore | | AG‑5538 | Task | Type onGridSizeChanged event callback | | AG‑5535 | Bug | [Regression] When the context menu is displayed, calling ensureColumnVisible doesn't scroll the viewport | | AG‑5524 | Task | [Row Grouping] Simplify configuration of Row Grouping Display Types | | AG‑5521 | Bug | When calling resetColumnState, initialHide column property value not applied | | AG‑5512 | Bug | When tapping a grid cell on a mobile device, cellMouseDown doesn't fire until the touch ends | | AG‑5510 | Bug | When using aligned grids and scrolling horizontally using the mouse wheel, the viewport doesn't get scrolled | | AG‑5505 | Bug | [Regression] When suppressing AG Grid context menu (suppressContextMenu=true) and suppressing browser context menu (preventDefaultOnContextMenu=true), right-clicking still shows browser context menu | | AG‑5504 | Bug | [Regression] When using a column or group column chart, hiding a chart series, and updating chart data, hidden series becomes visible again | | AG‑5502 | Task | Update peer dependencies for the chart with React 17 | | AG‑5499 | Bug | [Regression] When using pivoting with a column label and checking the columns tool panel visibility checkbox for a hidden column with enableValue=true, column doesn't get added to values list or displayed in grid | | AG‑5496 | Bug | Charts - createCrossFilterChart() is missing from the grid interface docs | | AG‑5492 | Bug | [Regression] When expanding and collapsing a master-row quickly, master-row indexes are not valid | | AG‑5488 | Bug | [Angular] When using full-row editing with custom renderer for a column that's out of view, cell renderer above the column previously out of view displays multiple cell renderer instances | | AG‑5487 | Bug | [Regression] When using pivoting and hiding a value column, it's still displayed | | AG‑5486 | Bug | When cell content including special characters, exporting to Excel produces a corrupted Excel file | | AG‑5475 | Bug | [Regression] When using Internet Explorer 11 and opening a agRichSelectCellEditor, pressing the ARROW keys doesn't move focus to the items in the list | | AG‑5470 | Bug | [Regression][Angular] When opening the column menu or context menu, ngDoCheck called repeatedly | | AG‑5469 | Bug | [Regression] When returning an object in the tooltipValueGetter, the object gets returned as a string instead - [object Object] | | AG‑5468 | Bug | When using CellRendererSelector that returns agGroupCellRenderer, innerRenderer params are not passed | | AG‑5467 | Bug | When editing a cell with a popup editor and pressing ESC key, the fill handle is no longer visible for the edited cell | | AG‑5466 | Bug | When using removed property stopEditingWhenGridLosesFocus (replaced by stopEditingWhenCellsLoseFocus), the console warning message isn't correct | | AG‑5457 | Bug | [Regression] When using special characters for headerTooltip with enableBrowserTooltips=true, the tooltip displays an encoded version of the character | | AG‑5453 | Bug | When using AG Grid Community, holding SHIFT key and double-clicking cells, you can open multiple cells for editing | | AG‑5451 | Bug | [Regression] When exporting to Excel, styles are not applied to cells with null values | | AG‑5449 | Bug | [Regression] When using infinite row model with 0 rows displayed, calling api.getDisplayedRowAtIndex calls getRows unnecessarily | | AG‑5447 | Bug | [Regression] When calling JSON.stringify on an integrated chart model, an exception is thrown | | AG‑5446 | Bug | [Regression] When using an AngularJS component within a custom cell renderer, the cell is blank | | AG‑5445 | Bug | Correct react wrapper bug/typo with async changes | | AG‑5443 | Bug | [Regression] When allowDragFromColumnsToolPanel: true and dragging a column in the columns tool panel, it scrolls the grid viewport to move the column instead | | AG‑5442 | Bug | When you have a cell range selected and call setColumnDefs, the selected range remains visible, but is empty when accessing it via API | | AG‑5441 | Bug | Missing locale string for "Total" text in pivot column group total header | | AG‑5440 | Bug | [Regression] [React] When using a React-based Cell Renderer Selector, cell renderer params is empty after data update | | AG‑5439 | Bug | Missing locale string for average in status bar aggregation component | | AG‑5424 | Bug | [Regression] When using tooltips on the rightmost column, the right border of both custom and standard tooltip is cut off | | AG‑5422 | Bug | When a column header cell is focused and then refreshed via setColumnDefs(), focus is lost | | AG‑5419 | Bug | [Regression] When using React components and setting autoHeight=true, row height doesn't increase and only fits a single line of text | | AG‑5416 | Bug | [Regression] When using the fill handle to drag a number value using scientific (exponential) notation to populate more than one cell, the grid throws an exception | | AG‑5415 | Bug | When exporting to an Excel file with multiple sheets with styles on one grid but not another, the exported file is corrupted | | AG‑5413 | Bug | [Regression] When using specific ESLINT configs, the build fails with an error related to ag-grid-base-icons | | AG‑5412 | Task | [Row Sorting] Allow setting sort directions for each group column separately | | AG‑5410 | Task | [Layout & Styles] Update styles to no longer use deprecated API for division (use math.div() instead) to avoid console warnings when building | | AG‑5409 | Task | [Chart] Update the Angular dependency of the ag-charts-package to the latest version of Angular | | AG‑5407 | Bug | [Regression] When a column has rowGroupIndex set to null or an integer, the column gets grouped even if rowGroup is not true | | AG‑5405 | Bug | When exporting a hyperlink to Excel using non-ASCII characters in the link name, the Excel file is corrupted | | AG‑5389 | Bug | [Regression][Angular] When using addGlobalListener, events don't get handled | | AG‑5387 | Bug | When grouping on multiple column and applying column state with a modified rowGroupIndex property the grid doesn't update | | AG‑5351 | Bug | When using React v17 with a framework component and an onClick event on the grid container which contains event.stopPropagation(), the onCellClicked grid event isn't fired | | AG‑5209 | Bug | When importing AgGridVue from the ag-grid-vue3 package - the loading overlay doesn't work | | AG‑5146 | Task | [Typing] Export interface ComponentSelectorResult through @ag-grid-community/core | | AG‑5122 | Task | [React] Improve the speed of React component rendering | | AG‑4952 | Bug | Cjs files are self-contained units preventing LicenseManager from recognizing the license key | | AG‑4880 | Task | [Charts] Add series marker labels for Bubble / Scatter charts | | AG‑4775 | Task | Allow valueGetter to work in cells where groupHideOpenParent is used | | AG‑4724 | Bug | [Regression] Row autoHeight doesn't work with cellRendererFramework and styled components | | AG‑4541 | Task | [Chart] Add support for custom axis tick period | | AG‑4485 | Bug | Row AutoHeight doesn't work with async components (disableStaticMarkup=true) | | AG‑4377 | Task | [Typing] Export the GroupCellRendererParams interface | | AG‑4028 | Task | [Column Filter] Allow set filter popup to be resized | | AG‑3944 | Task | [Typing] Add missing types to grid interfaces | | AG‑3634 | Task | [Charts] Add support for series marker labels in category series (line, column, stacked column, area, stacked area, etc) | | AG‑3411 | Task | [Typings] Add specific missing events and params types (overlay params types, some events) | | AG‑3406 | Task | [Columns Tool Panel] Allow user to resize/collapse the different areas (row groups, values, column labels) of the columns tool panel | | AG‑3279 | Task | [Typing] Allow for stronger typing of main classes in ag-grid | | AG‑2536 | Bug | [React] React innerRenderer places a div inside a span | | AG‑2139 | Task | [Row Grouping] Add option to maintain group order when sorting on non-group columns | | AG‑2060 | Task | [Typescript] Add typings for onFirstDataRendered event | | AG‑1945 | Task | [Tool Panel] Allow setting Tool Panel width (current/min/max/initial) | | AG‑1816 | Task | [Row Grouping] Allow sorting on non-grouped columns when the group column is sorted with a custom comparator | | AG‑1153 | Task | [Row Grouping] Allow sort comparators defined on columns to also sort group columns |

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  • v25.3.0(Jun 14, 2021)

    Release 25.3.0 | Key | Issue Type | Summary | | --- | --- | --- | | AG‑5489 | Bug | [Regression] When refreshing column header (calling refreshHeader()), the column menu/filtering popups are closed | | AG‑5404 | Bug | When adding a class to ag-theme-custom-component.scss, selection checkbox padding is removed | | AG‑5381 | Bug | callout.colors theme config has no effect in pie/donut charts | | AG‑5369 | Bug | When exporting to Excel with a cell background color, background colors are correctly shown by Excel but missing in Excel for Office 365 | | AG‑5368 | Bug | When providing an invalid filterOption for the specific filter type, the grid throws an exception - it should be a warning | | AG‑5366 | Bug | [Regression] When using SSRM and expanding a group row with an empty name, the group row chevron disappears | | AG‑5365 | Bug | Saving and Restoring Charts Example doesn't work with Angular | | AG‑5363 | Bug | When setting deprecated Excel export property skipGroups, hundreds of console warnings are output | | AG‑5359 | Bug | When using a custom column header renderer and removing a column, a handled error appears | | AG‑5358 | Bug | [Regression] When infiniteInitialRowCount>1 and providing new data to the infinite row model, the custom cell renderer doesn't re-render | | AG‑5357 | Bug | [Regression] When updating the filter model on a column that uses custom filter options causes the default option key to appear in the floating filter | | AG‑5350 | Bug | [Regression] When using SSRM before data is loaded, sorting by a column header throws an exception | | AG‑5349 | Bug | When using SSRM with storeType=full and exporting to Excel, all records are exported, not just the filtered ones | | AG‑5348 | Bug | [Regression] When using immutable data and removing a column, its valueGetter still gets called | | AG‑5347 | Task | [Row Grouping] Add "Open by Default" feature to the Client Side Row Model | | AG‑5345 | Bug | When typing inside a agRichSelectCellEditor to search the items the incorrect item is highlighted | | AG‑5344 | Bug | [Regression] When clicking a checkbox in the columns tool panel, the shadow is clipped along the left edge | | AG‑5342 | Bug | When switching to legacy mode after ClipboardAPI is blocked by the user, the pasted value is blank | | AG‑5341 | Bug | When using server-side row model with serverSideFilteringAlwaysResets: true, filter is also applied client-side | | AG‑5330 | Bug | When exporting to Excel empty cell values, keyboard navigation in Excel doesn't treat them as empty | | AG‑5326 | Bug | Chart axis label rotation values are not updated in the formatting panel | | AG‑5323 | Bug | [Regression] When using pivot mode and groupHideOpenParent=true, exporting to Excel doesn't export the cell values, only the column header values | | AG‑5322 | Bug | When setting rightAligned on a group column, its header cell value gets right-aligned, but its data cells are still aligned left | | AG‑5318 | Bug | When using groupMultiAutoColumn or groupHideOpenParent with total footer row, Total string is rendered for every group in the total footer row | | AG‑5317 | Bug | [Regression] When filtering using custom React-Hook filter components an exception in thrown | | AG‑5315 | Bug | When setting updated columnDefs with a different minWidth value, it doesn't get applied | | AG‑5311 | Bug | Treemap should not render value labels for top level tiles | | AG‑5308 | Bug | When using client-side row model with row grouping, calling getRowNode on a group node returns undefined | | AG‑5306 | Bug | [Docs] Update the row models comparison to indicate that update transactions are no longer available in the infinite row model | | AG‑5302 | Bug | Treemap tiles titles are clipped in Safari with larger font sizes | | AG‑5288 | Bug | [Regression][Angular] When using infinite row model with cellRendererFramework, ngTemplate defined in a custom control is not applied | | AG‑5284 | Bug | [Regression] When using a floating filter, floating filter inputs and button get announced by JAWS and NVDA with each cell value | | AG‑5283 | Bug | [Regression] When using enableRTL=true, column header dragging causes horizontal scrollbar to immediately go all the way to the right or cycle through the columns endlessly | | AG‑5276 | Bug | When using drag and drop in the grid when hosted in a modal window, the ghost icon appears can't be seen by the user because it appears below the modal window | | AG‑5275 | Bug | When using print layout with a pinned group column and a multi-level column group, sorting via API moves the group column header in the auto-group column area | | AG‑5260 | Bug | When setting floatingFilter property in the columnType, the value is not respected by the column | | AG‑5249 | Bug | ARIA labels for row drag handles contain an invalid reference | | AG‑5225 | Bug | When pressing a key when a full-width row is focused, cellKeyDown and cellKeyPress events don't get fired | | AG‑5224 | Bug | When using aligned grids in Chrome with Windows Display text scaling=150%, changing zoom level to 90% causes horizontal scrollbar to slowly move to the left by itself | | AG‑5208 | Bug | [Regression] When using Internet Explorer 11 with flex/resizable columns in AG Grid, the set filter popup doesn't display the distinct values in the list | | AG‑5207 | Bug | When using Safari with MacOS setting "show scroll bars"="auto based on mouse or trackpad" OR "when scrolling", the AG Grid vertical scrollbar thumb cannot be dragged using the trackpad | | AG‑5202 | Bug | Read Only Floating Filter Doesn't Work With Hooks or VueJS | | AG‑5193 | Bug | When setting cellRendererSelector in autoGroupColumnDef, an exception is thrown | | AG‑5180 | Bug | When using server-side row model with store type=FULL removing the last remaining child of a row group or tree level, an exception is thrown | | AG‑5162 | Bug | When using server-side row model with full store type with grouping, defaultGroupSortComparator isn't called | | AG‑5161 | Bug | When using SSRM with storeType=partial and showing 0 rows in grid, calling refreshServerSideStore doesn't make a request when purge=false | | AG‑5139 | Bug | When using server-side row model with full store type, returning an empty array in getRows() throws an exception | | AG‑5128 | Bug | Multiple declarations of the same CSS classes with : and :: in the class name in themes fresh, dark, blue, bootstrap | | AG‑5121 | Task | [Chart] Add legend item label renderer | | AG‑5116 | Bug | When using MacOS, with Show Scroll Bars=When Scrolling, Chrome/Firefox don't show horizontal scrollbar unless you've scrolled vertically all the way down | | AG‑5100 | Bug | Screen reader announces second set filter item as unchecked when it is checked | | AG‑5099 | Bug | Setting fills and strokes on pie charts doesn't work for integrated charts | | AG‑5091 | Task | Allow setting the tabIndex of the Grid | | AG‑5035 | Bug | When using a custom chart theme chart y-axis label rendered with rotation even though rotation=0 | | AG‑4957 | Task | [API] Remove suppressSideButtons property from product and docs example | | AG‑4950 | Bug | Checkbox Selection issues - 1) checkboxSelection not responsive to data changes 2) when checkboxSelection returns false, text values in cell are not indented | | AG‑4774 | Task | [Chart] Allow customizing the mouse pointer when over a clickable node in the chart | | AG‑4733 | Task | [Row Dragging] Allow dragging full width rows | | AG‑4668 | Task | [Chart] Allow separate properties to set X-axis and Y-Axis thickness | | AG‑4438 | Task | [Chart] Add support for bins for Integrated Charts histograms | | AG‑3922 | Task | Make series tooltips use the same value format as axis labels | | AG‑3724 | Task | [Vue] Add support for Vue Composition API | | AG‑3435 | Task | [Sidebar] Allow sidebar to be visible but the button bar to be hidden (the user will change toolpanels via API) | | AG‑1474 | Task | [Row Grouping] Allow providing a comparator for each of the grouped columns (currently only one comparator is used for grouped column sorting) |

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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  • v25.1.0(Feb 25, 2021)

  • v25.0.1(Jan 15, 2021)

  • v25.0.0(Jan 6, 2021)

  • v24.1.0(Oct 13, 2020)

  • v24.0.0(Sep 9, 2020)

  • v23.2.1(Jun 18, 2020)

  • v23.2.0(Jun 5, 2020)

  • v23.1.1(May 14, 2020)

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  • v23.0.0(Mar 17, 2020)

  • v22.1.1(Dec 16, 2019)

  • v22.1.0(Dec 6, 2019)

  • v22.0.0(Nov 11, 2019)

Powerful virtual data grid smartsheet with advanced customization

Powerful virtual data grid smartsheet with advanced customization. Best features from excel plus incredible performance ??

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Vue 3 data grid spreadsheet - Powerful data grid component built on top of RevoGrid.

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Only Vue 3 for now! This plugin includes 3 global components: simple-grid-container,simple-layout-container and simple-grid-item,that will help you to build excellent layout for your app.

Only Vue 3 for now! This plugin includes 3 global components: simple-grid-container,simple-layout-container and simple-grid-item,that will help you to build excellent layout for your app.

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A table (with tree-grid) component for Vue.js 2.0. (Its style extends @iView)

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中文 README v2-table A simple table component based Vue 2.x. Installation Install the pkg with npm: npm i --save v2-table beautify-scrollbar or yarn ya

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Web application that allows to load a Trivy report in json format and displays the vulnerabilities of a single target in an interactive data table.

Large Trivy reports tend to become hard to grasp, that is why this project was created. It is a web application that allows to load a Trivy report in json format and displays the vulnerabilities of a single target in an interactive data table.

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