The voting application allows people to vote courses from tech so people can find quality courses.

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Build Setup

# install dependencies
$ npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:3000
$ npm run dev

# build for production and launch server
$ npm run build
$ npm run start

# generate static project
$ npm run generate

For detailed explanation on how things work, check out the documentation.

Add your details

You can add your GraphCMS Content API URL and the Bearer token in the following files:

  • /plugins/graphcms.js
  • /server-middleware/upvoteCourse.js
A simple expense tracking application

Table Of Contents Description Demo Tech Stack Server Side Client Side Screenshots Local Building Config Future Enhancements How to Contribute License

Vinay 132 Jul 22, 2021
🏳️‍🌈 Futuristic auroral Hexo theme.

??️‍?? Hexo Theme Aurora ??️‍?? Futuristic auroral theme for Hexo Preview | Change Log | Document 预览 | 更变日志 | 使用文档 Aurora is a next generation theme u

Auroral UI 170 Jul 19, 2021
This repository contains a base networking framework for building a realtime quiz platform with Ably. This project uses VueJS on the client-side and NodeJS on the server-side and is scalable as you need.

A scalable, full-stack live quiz framework built with VueJS and NodeJS This repository contains a scalable framework for building a real-time quiz app

Ably Labs 23 Jul 14, 2021
Discover dev news with zero effort 👩🏽‍💻

Welcome to the repository The latest dev news delivered to your new tab ????‍?? Made with ❤️ by developers for developers ?? daily 3.7k Jul 28, 2021
Source Code for with Cloudflare Workers Site support

SlugSurvival This is a project aims to help new and continuing students with their Slug Life. Contributors Edwin Kofler (@eankeen) Special Thanks Slug

Rachel Chen 14 Jan 4, 2021
🐦 A personal music streaming server that works.

koel Intro Koel (also stylized as koel, with a lowercase k) is a simple web-based personal audio streaming service written in Vue on the client side a

Koel 12.7k Jul 25, 2021
Easy-to-add Share functionality for your Laravel project

Sharedo Share Popup for Laravel Apps 1) Introduction Sharedo is a composer package that helps you add a share functionality to your Laravel apps. It h

GeekyAnts 14 Apr 19, 2021
A website for all the live youtube channels.

YT Live A list of live youtube tv channels. Why did I make this? A friend had a list of live youtube channels saved as a Google sheet and mentioned th

Fayaz Ahmed 12 Jun 2, 2021
Twitter Clone developed using Go + Vue 3 + Vite + TailwindCSS + PostgreSQL + Redis

A Twitter clone created with Golang, PostgreSQL, Redis, VueJS and Vite with support for dark mode and light mode using TailwindCSS

Juan Christian 273 Jul 23, 2021
A framework written in Vue.js for creating command-line like interfaces in web browsers.

promptie A framework for creating command-line like interfaces in web browsers Promptie gives you useful and convenient API's to simulate a CLI like i

Ali Bardakci 80 Mar 8, 2021

github-explorer Rebuild with Vue 2.1 Introduction THIS github-explorer is based on Vue. You can check out the ORIGINAL version, which is based on Reac

Sid 119 Dec 18, 2020
Tomato5 is a real-time collaboration tool.

Tomato5 is a real-time collaboration tool. It combines Pomodoro Technique with a team status share board. Homepage: Updates 1.3.0 Ne

Zhang Xin 239 Jun 22, 2021
Cryptocurrency Dashboard made with Vue

Vue Crypto Dashboard A Cryptocurrency Dashboard build with Vue JS, PWA enabled, Binance Websocket API for realtime price, amChart for displaying histo

Jayesh Vachhani 141 Jul 25, 2021