Early implementation of Vue 3, Bootstrap 5 and Typescript


BoostrapVue 3

Bootstrap 5 + Vue 3 + Typescript


Early versions of:

  • Accordion

  • Props: flush

  • Slots: default

  • Accordion item

  • Props: title, visible

  • Events: b-collapse events

  • Slots: default, title

  • Alert

  • Props: dismissible, fade, show, variant

  • Slots: default

  • Badge

  • Props: dot-indicator, text-indicator, pill, variant

  • Breadcrumb

  • Props: items

  • Slots: prepend, append

  • Button

  • Button group

  • Button toolbar

  • Card

  • Card body

  • Card footer

  • Card header

  • Card sub title

  • Card Text

  • Card Title

  • Carousel

  • Close button

  • Collapse

  • Props: modelValue (v-model), parent, toggle, visible

  • Events: show, shown, hide, hidden

  • Slots: default

  • Dropdowns

  • ListGroup

  • ListGroup item

  • Modal

  • Props: modelValue, no-backdrop, centered, fade, fullscreen, title, scrollable, show, size, static-backdrop

  • Events: show, shown, hide, hidden, hide-prevented

  • Slots: default, title

  • Navs

  • Navbar

  • Offcanvas

  • Props: modelValue (v-model), body-scrolling, backdrop, placement, title

  • Events: show, shown, hide, hidden

  • Slots: default, title

  • Pagination

  • Popover

    • Directive
  • Progress

  • Scrollspy

  • Spinners

  • Tabs

  • Toasts

  • Tooltip

    • Directive


  • v-b-toggle
  • v-b-modal
  • v-b-tooltip
  • v-b-popover


  • useBreadcrumb: A first attempt to have the breadcrumb's items in one place across the aplication.
  • useModal: The goal is to emulate the same behaviour as boostrap-vue progamatic modals.



  • Use the Bootstrap javascript API?

    Use the Bootstrap javascript API?

    Hi @cdmoro ,

    I guess you and I are coming from the same point of of waiting too long for bootstrapvue to be updated. I had already created THIS repository with a similar goal, and I have looked at your components. I had an idea, instead of using the data api (data-bs-), since bootstrap already provides a pure javascript API for the components, why not use bootstrap's javascript directly?

    I had done a collapse component and a collapse directive and you can get the idea here:

    // Collapse.vue Component
      <div v-collapse="{ state: show, parent: parent }">
    <script lang="ts">
    import BCollapse from "@/directives/BCollapse";
    import { defineComponent, ref, Ref, toRef } from "vue";
    export default defineComponent({
      name: "VbCollapse",
      props: {
        show: {
          type: Boolean,
          default: false,
        parent: {
          type: ref,
          default: null,
      setup(props) {
        const show: Ref<Boolean> = toRef(props, "show");
        const parent = toRef(props, "parent");
        return {
      directives: {
        collapse: BCollapse,
    // BCollapse directive
    import { DirectiveBinding, VNode } from "vue";
    import Collapse from "bootstrap/js/src/collapse";
    const getBsCollapse: any = (el: HTMLElement | Element, binding: DirectiveBinding) => {
      const state = binding.value?.state || false;
      const parent = binding.value?.parent || null;
      return new Collapse(el, { toggle: state, parent: parent || '' });
    export default {
      created(el: HTMLElement, binding: DirectiveBinding, vnode: VNode) {
        getBsCollapse(el, binding);
      beforeUpdate(el: Element, binding: DirectiveBinding, vnode: VNode) {
        const state = binding.value?.state || false;
        if (state) {
          getBsCollapse(el, binding).show();
        } else {
          getBsCollapse(el, binding).hide();

    Usage of the collapse component

        <vb-button variant="danger" @click="toggleCollapse">Toggle Collapse</vb-button>
        <vb-collapse :show="collapse">
          <h3>Hi There!</h3>
            Hi there! I am a collapsable element that can only be shown once show is
            set to true.
    <script lang="ts">
    import vuebootstrapSample from "@/lib-components/vuebootstrap-sample.vue";
    import VbButton from "@/lib-components/buttons/Button.vue";
    import VbCollapse from "@/lib-components/collapse/Collapse.vue";
    import VbAccordionItem from "@/lib-components/accordion/AccordionItem.vue";
    import VbAccordion from "@/lib-components/accordion/Accordion.vue";
    import { defineComponent, ref } from "vue";
    export default defineComponent({
      components: {
      name: "ServeDev",
      setup() {
        const collapse = ref(false);
        const toggleCollapse = () => {
          collapse.value = !collapse.value;
        return {

    As you can see the only prop that you need to pass is show and it allows for programmatic opening and closing as it should be in vue.

    Let me know in case you are interested in collaboration.


    opened by coolsam726 2
  • Maybe package-lock.json should not be part of repository?

    Maybe package-lock.json should not be part of repository?

    package-lock.json caused a problem when I tried npm install on Windows. Perphaps it should not be included?

    opened by Radouch 2
  • Release as a Package?

    Release as a Package?

    I've been trying to search on yarn, docs and the source code on how to install only to realize that it's been marked private on the package.json file.

    My question is, when will this be released as a yarn/npm package? Do you guys have plans on doing so?

    Thanks in advance!

    opened by Makiyu-py 2
  • BCol component

    BCol component


    I have done the BCol component & fix attr binding on BFormInput.

    I have also moved the "bootstrap-icons" dependency from "devDependencies" to "dependencies".



    opened by Geoffrey-D 2
  • remove usage of absolute paths

    remove usage of absolute paths

    Hello Carlos,

    Using relative imports make this lib easier to use.

    Feel free to merge this PR.



    opened by Geoffrey-D 1
  • Don't use strings for injection - use injection tokens

    Don't use strings for injection - use injection tokens

    Using Strings like 'parent' for injection may cause conflicts with other components.

    opened by michaelzangl 1
  • Use relative paths instead of absolute (@) paths

    Use relative paths instead of absolute (@) paths

    Hello Carlos,

    I noticed you reverted the pull request that was changing absolute paths into relative paths. Unfortunately absolute paths with "@" lead to errors when importing your project as a dependency in our Vue application. There is maybe a way to configure Vue Loader or Webpack to distinguish your absolute paths to our project structure. But we would like to keep using relative paths in the fork we made, as I noted that other projects such as BootstrapVue only use relative paths too. Probably a good practice to prevent issues(?)

    Is it possible for you not to use absolute paths? It would help us to maintain our fork and provide you some pull requests in the future.


    opened by atilleul 1
  • BRow, BListGroup & BListGroupItem (+ quick fix for BIcon)

    BRow, BListGroup & BListGroupItem (+ quick fix for BIcon)

    Hello Carlos,

    We implemented all the features for BRow, BListGroup and half of the props from BListGroupItem. BListGroupItem probably needs to use BLink as in BootstrapVue 2, I'll work on this in the forthcoming days.

    About BIcon, we made a quick fix by disabling eslint for the problematic line, at least until we find a better version for this.

    Best regards

    opened by atilleul 1
  • BImg


    opened by atilleul 0
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