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Developed by Epicmax. Designed by Vasili Savitski.

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Vuestic UI is forever free and open to contributions. See our issues, contributing guide and join discussions on our Discord to help us improve Vuestic UI experience.

Why use Vuestic UI?

  • Vue.js 3.0 compatible
  • MIT license
  • Feature-rich: more than 52 customizable components
  • Two built-in color scheme presets
  • Powerful configurations:
    • Local - configure components in-depth
    • Global - configure framework overall
  • Cross-browser and responsive
  • i18n-ready


First, make sure you have all prerequisites installed:

After checking the prerequisites, install Vuestic UI via npm/yarn:

npm install vuestic-ui
yarn add vuestic-ui

Quick start

Make sure you're imported both styles and plugin into your entry file:

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import App from './App.vue'
import { VuesticPlugin } from 'vuestic-ui' //()
import 'vuestic-ui/dist/vuestic-ui.css' //()
const app = createApp(App)
app.use(VuesticPlugin) //()


Information, guides and tutorials are available on


Ask questions at the official community discord server

Vuestic Admin

See Vuestic UI library in action. Vuestic Admin is a great example of a real-world web application based on Vuestic UI.


Thanks for all your wonderful PRs, issues and ideas.
Youre always welcome to join: check out our contribution guides , open issues and discord server

Browsers support

We design Vuestic UI to support the latest modern web browsers.

IE / Edge
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Can I hire you guys?

Yes! Say hi: [email protected] We will be happy to work with you! Other work weve done

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MIT license.

  • chore(deps): bump ssri from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 in /packages/vue-cli-docs/old/nuxt-docs

    chore(deps): bump ssri from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 in /packages/vue-cli-docs/old/nuxt-docs

    Dependabot is rebasing this PR

    Rebasing might not happen immediately, so don't worry if this takes some time.

    Note: if you make any changes to this PR yourself, they will take precedence over the rebase.

    Bumps ssri from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2.


    Sourced from ssri's changelog.

    6.0.2 (2021-04-07)

    Bug Fixes

    • backport regex change from 8.0.1 (b30dfdb), closes #19

    Maintainer changes

    This version was pushed to npm by nlf, a new releaser for ssri since your current version.

    Dependabot compatibility score

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    opened by dependabot[bot] 15
  • [Nuxt 3] Can't import custom svg icon component inside nuxt.config.ts

    [Nuxt 3] Can't import custom svg icon component inside nuxt.config.ts

    Hey guys! I'm trying to use custom svg component as an icon. For this I need to import component into nuxt.config.ts and register it inside vuestic.config.icons:

    import { VaButton } from 'vuestic-ui'
    import UiIconCheck from 'components/ui/Icon/Check'
    export default defineNuxtConfig({
      modules: ['@vueuse/nuxt', '@vuestic/nuxt'],
      css: ['@/assets/scss/main.scss'],
      vuestic: {
        fonts: false,
        css: ['grid', 'reset'],
        config: {
          components: {
            // @ts-ignore
          icons: [
              name: 'check',
              component: UiIconCheck,

    Here's what my icon component looks like:

      <svg width="16" height="16" viewBox="0 0 16 16" fill="none" xmlns="">
        <path fill-rule="evenodd" clip-rule="evenodd"
              d="M13.3914 3.87496C13.5867 4.07022 13.5867 4.38681 13.3914 4.58207L6.32038 11.6531C6.22661 11.7469 6.09943 11.7996 5.96682 11.7996C5.83422 11.7996 5.70704 11.7469 5.61327 11.6531L2.31344 8.35331C2.11818 8.15804 2.11818 7.84146 2.31344 7.6462C2.5087 7.45094 2.82528 7.45094 3.02055 7.6462L5.96682 10.5925L12.6843 3.87496C12.8796 3.6797 13.1962 3.6797 13.3914 3.87496Z"
              fill="currentColor" />
    export default {
      name: "UiIconCheck"

    But nuxt cant find the icon and throws the error:

     ERROR  Cannot start nuxt:  Cannot find module 'components/ui/Icon/Check'                                                                                                                                                                                              

    Can you give me an idea what am I doing wrong?

    Vuestic-ui version: 1.4.10

    "@vuestic/nuxt": "^1.0.9",
    "vuestic-ui": "^1.4.10" // taken from package json inside @vuestic/nuxt
    **Steps to reproduce**
    Import custom component and apply in inside `nuxt.config.ts` -> `vuestic.components.icons`
    **What is the expected behavior?**
    Icon is registered and can be used as `<va-icon name="check"></va-icon>`
    **What is the current behavior?**
    Nuxt throws the error: `  Cannot start nuxt:  Cannot find module 'components/ui/Icon/Check' `
    Thank you! 
    opened by bogdan0083 14
  • Fix nuxt-docs issues

    Fix nuxt-docs issues

    I updated so now it should show all of our docs demos. Please, have a look and help me find issues with vuestic-ui components (docs we can discuss later).

    Issues related to nuxt (high priority)

    1. [x] vue-class-component computed do not react on state changes For example. VaParallax has opacity: 0 when image is not loaded. State changes isLoaded === true, but computed still the same. Moving ALL components to composition api could save us:
    2. [x] Investigate landing bugs:
      • [x] VaInput gets focus when you click anywhere.
    3. [x] VaToast instance is not creating in docs demo @m0ksem
    4. [x] VaSlider broken transition.
    5. [x] VaTabs - no default value and clicks doing nothing @rustem-nasyrov

    Search for more bugs and add them to this list! Also, tell me about memory leaks - is them exists or it just me?

    Issues related to new docs (can be done later after release)

    1. [ ] Look on page-configs - especially on comments. I probably commented something to get it work.
    2. [ ] Think again about manul api, @m0ksem child components manual api property?
    3. [ ] Fix ag-grid page-config @m0ksem
    4. [ ] Remove temporal TODO page-configs, use components from old docs.
    5. [ ] Create a beautiful loader for examples! (steal from here hehehe)
    BUG docs FEATURE research ON HOLD impact:exploration 
    opened by m0ksem 13
  • Do you need help to provide a Chinese translation document?

    Do you need help to provide a Chinese translation document?

    First of all, I think this is a pretty good Vue3 component library, but the catch is that there is no Chinese document, which cannot make it more convenient for Chinese developers and users.

    opened by Zenquan 12
  • [Nuxt 3 Module] Nuxt 3 integration via `@vuestic/nuxt` is not working out of the box

    [Nuxt 3 Module] Nuxt 3 integration via `@vuestic/nuxt` is not working out of the box

    @vuestic/nuxt version: 1.0.0

    Steps to reproduce

    • Create an empty folder/repo
    • Quick start Nuxt 3 Boilerplate using official guide
    • Install @vuestic/nuxt module using the provided documentation
    • Run development server with yarn dev -o
    • Replace <NuxtWelcome /> with some interactive Vuestic components (va-select or va-slider, etc.)
    • Make sure that it does not work, and console error is present

    What is the expected behavior? All interactive components should react to user actions. Console issues are missing.

    What is the current behavior? Interactive components do not work. There is an error in the console.

    Other information Sandbox link: Repository link:

    opened by konstantin-lebejko 11
  • Feat/dark themes

    Feat/dark themes

    firefox_a82WxMzvMX Better themes support and dark themes as well.

    Breaking changes.

    • Colors changed according to (removed white, dark, black and gray colors) Added new colors to color-config: textLight, textDark, background, backgroundSoft, backgroundMute, shadow, focus.
    • Added auto text color for VaTimePicker and VaDatePicker relative to their backgrounds. Here can be performance issues, but it is optimized by maximum.
    • Removed useless CSS variables
    • Some component colors maybe changed to fit new color pallet.


    • [ ] Better types for vuestic color config colors (we must require colors such as primary, background etc, but user must be able to add own.)
    • [ ] Check if all colors used correctly.

    closes closes closes closes closes closes closes

    FEATURE breaking changes 
    opened by m0ksem 9
  • useTextColor hook

    useTextColor hook

    Let's have hook, that requires one prop:

    • textColor - component's text color


    textColorComputed - returns textColor prop (if passed) or automatically calculated color

    Must be used across components like VaButton, VaChip, VaCheckbox, VaSwitch, VaCollapse etc.

    const { textColorComputed }  = useTextColor(props.background)
    // or
    const { textColorComputed }  = useTextColor(props.color) // component color

    Text Color must be taken from getCurrentInstance

    export const useTextColor = (textBackground: string | Ref<string>) => {
       const { props } = getCurrentInstance()!
      const textColor = computed(() => props.textColor || getTextColor(unref(textBackground)))
       return { textColor }
    FEATURE good first issue 
    opened by m0ksem 9
  • Remove withTransportConfig wrapper

    Remove withTransportConfig wrapper

    closes #1297 closes #1631 closes #1581


    Patch instance props with vue reactive proxy. I looked in vue source code, Setup called, where we can access instance and patch it. Props in render function used from instance, so render function uses patched props. Same for DevTools. I believe using proxy is a nice approach, because we don't modify any object.

    List of changes

    • Patch vue instance props with Proxy that can return props from Vuestic Config,
    • Patch class-component props
    • Patch Options API component (added setup for patching props).


    • No unit tests until review and manual tests.
    • Tested in build (can't see any difference).
    • Demo link: http://localhost:8080/#/demo/va-config/VaConfig.demo.vue

    Check this PR

    • Vite build/serve
    • Webpack serve/serve:productin/build
    • SSR Vite - the only one difference I found from vue source code is that props are not reactive in SSR build. Shouldn't be a big difference with SPA builds.
    • SSR Nuxt (later)
    opened by m0ksem 9
  • Flatten translations

    Flatten translations

    Currently in translations we have nested collection.

    That's not ideal because:

    • it's hard to merge
    • it's hard to support multiple translations
    • it's tricky to manage "general" translations

    Instead we can try flat collection.

    Here's an example of flat collection:

      "landing_header_buttons_overview": "Overview"


    introduce a script that

    • [ ] converts current translation strings to flat collection
    • [ ] converts flat collection to current translation string (so we can roll it back if needed)
    • [ ] updates translation strings accordingly (assume all translation strings are fully exposed in the code. I.e. always some.translation, never some.${translation}).

    You can use yargs to introduce arguments, but generally we want this script to "somehow work", as it's probably going to be used once, then forgotten. So speedrunning this task would make the most sense.

    Bonus points

    • see, you may want to handle this issue as well.
    discussion EXTERNAL 
    opened by asvae 9
  • fixed warnings about reactive objects in docs

    fixed warnings about reactive objects in docs

    close #898


    Fixed warnings about reactive objects in doc pages.

    It was: 苤郇邽邾郋郕 郕訄郇訄 2021-06-30 赲 17 03 25

    Now: 苤郇邽邾郋郕 郕訄郇訄 2021-06-30 赲 17 03 05

    Types of changes

    • [ ] Bug fix (non-breaking change which fixes an issue)
    • [ ] New feature (non-breaking change which adds functionality)
    • [ ] Breaking change (fix or feature that would cause existing functionality to not work as expected)
    • [ ] Improvement/refactoring (non-breaking change that doesn't add any feature but make things better)
    opened by sergey-kravcov 9
  • Fix SSR

    Fix SSR



    I have tested vuestic-ui with vite (without ssr) and it's working fine.

    But there is a problem with SSR (with vite).

    To fix that we need to remove all manipulations with DOM outside vue lifecycle hooks.

    Deprecated components

    Also, we need to remove dependencies that depend on DOM API (medium-editor and flatpickr). For that reason, I have deprecated VaDatePicker and VaMediumEditor components. It's okay because we even don't have documentation pages for this two.

    With this PR vuestic runs on SSR + VITE template taken from here: image

    Types of changes

    • [ ] Bug fix (non-breaking change which fixes an issue)
    • [ ] New feature (non-breaking change which adds functionality)
    • [x] Breaking change (fix or feature that would cause existing functionality to not work as expected)
    • [ ] Improvement/refactoring (non-breaking change that doesn't add any feature but make things better)
    opened by m0ksem 9
  • [nuxt-docs] define-page-config plugin

    [nuxt-docs] define-page-config plugin

    Highest level of overengineering that human can ever imagine

    Basically, here is a plugin-compiler for page-configs. It handles imports from name. I thought it is a good idea, to skip ugly

    const block = new PageGenerationHelper(__dirname)

    Then it also skips imports of code examples. Also, code example now is file, so we have syntax highlight in code examples now.

    It is easier to write page config now, but much harder to add new block. At first, I thought we can compile page-configs to skip markdown step, but because of locale we need to compile them in runtime(in ssr, but runtime).

    I'm thinking to implement runtime blocks, like we had previously.

    I'm thinking about making runtime block generator and make it as auto-import. Then, if it is block.component - compiler will resolve full path to component. This way it will be still easy to add new blocks, but also possible to make some additional pre-compile if needed.

    Thanks for the review, @aluarius, now I know where to dig.

    opened by m0ksem 0
  • Check lighthouse issues

    Check lighthouse issues

    Go through the docs with lighthouse and see where we have issues. Either fix these issues or document them into different issues then link to this one.

    docs good first issue ready for implementation 
    opened by asvae 0
  • Documentation pages rework

    Documentation pages rework

    Following the standard - all pages should be reworked one by one. This could be done by different developers. Pages should go through editing process. Issues that are touching components functionality - you're advised to move to different issue, while also linking in this one, so that we can observe the process.

    Could be implemented in full after #2850

    docs ready for implementation blocked 
    opened by asvae 0
  • Standard for documentation page

    Standard for documentation page

    Create a standard for documentation page.

    • You can figure out requirements while trying to rework existing component (see #2851).
    • We can expand this page to have all needed documentation. Be sure improve this page a bit as well, so that developers's glance could first hit the gist, then narrow into specific details.
    • [ ] Get approves for documentation standard from @asvae and @m0ksem.
    opened by asvae 0
  • Refactor: bundle script start rework

    Refactor: bundle script start rework

    Related to the


    • [x] all generated files excluded from git;
    • [x] added script arguments handles;
    • [x] common refactoring.

    Types of changes

    • [x] New feature (non-breaking change which adds functionality)
    • [x] Improvement/refactoring (non-breaking change that doesn't add any feature but make things better)
    opened by aluarius 0
  • v1.5.3(Dec 13, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • Minor docs fixes by @aluarius in
    • Feat/button slots by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Feat/card horizontal by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Docs bugs fixes by @aluarius in
    • Zvenigorodskaia landing banners by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • Minor configuration example fix by @aluarius in
    • feat: now color config understands color names in kebab case by @aluarius in
    • [#2741] VaPagination input height fix by @aluarius in
    • docs(translate): add zh-CN part by @Valar103769 in
    • chore(deps): bump decode-uri-component from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2 by @dependabot in
    • [#2741] Nuxt 3 hook warning fix by @aluarius in
    • VaNavbar - default slot, properlyalign slots, Hooks - useDeprecated by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Docs updates by @aluarius in
    • VaCollapse component minor updates by @aluarius in
    • [#2768] VaTimeInput and VaDateInput bugfixes by @aluarius in
    • Hide PH banner and change text of overview page by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • Add Nuxt logo for landing page + readme file by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • [#2564] docs codesandbox icon fix by @aluarius in
    • Remove non component classes by @rustem-nasyrov in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.5.2(Nov 29, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • chore(deps): bump loader-utils from 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 by @dependabot in
    • feat: sync plugins by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Feat/flat collapse and accordion by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Fix logo link for the Header logo (Docs) by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • Refactor/color indicator by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • [#2685] Color dropdown badge padding fix by @aluarius in
    • [#2689] VaModal click outside logic fix by @aluarius in
    • Feat/sidebar improvements by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • [#2709] VaSelect zero value, disabled options and keyboard navigation fixes by @aluarius in
    • Feat/docs update by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Zvenigorodskaia landing banners by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • Fix: Nuxt 3 colors issue fix by @aluarius in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.5.1(Nov 11, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • Refactor/docs stylelint by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • fix: missing tsconfig in sandbox and nuxt packages by @m0ksem in
    • feat: display current selected theme in the button toggle by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • fix(#2570): card styles miss match with docs by @m0ksem in
    • Fix/element color from css variable by @m0ksem in
    • feat(Modal): add beforeClose prop by @Valar103769 in
    • docs: added link to dropdown placement docs to button-dropdown, popov by @m0ksem in
    • fix: empty tabsList error by @m0ksem in
    • refactor: slots, exported components, update docs by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • fix(#2568): input mask wrong formatted value by @m0ksem in
    • docs/i18n-service by @m0ksem in
    • [va-tabs]: add hide-pagination prop by @Valar103769 in
    • landing fixes by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • feat: migration guide by @asvae in
    • Docs/minor fixes 2 by @m0ksem in
    • fix(#2604): now auto-placement prop count cross line by @m0ksem in
    • Zvenigorodskaia fix readme by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • fix: currentPresetName in createVuestic does nothing by @m0ksem in
    • Fix/nuxt 1.5.0 by @m0ksem in
    • fix(docs): landing in dark theme by @m0ksem in
    • Fix/after release fixes by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Fix typo in global-components.ts by @eltociear in
    • Refactor color dropdown by @m0ksem in
    • fix(vue-cli-plugin): css imports by @m0ksem in
    • chore(deps): bump loader-utils from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1 by @dependabot in
    • add optional chaining to check ref by @Azgiliat in
    • Counter fixes by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • fix: navigation with arrow keys by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Add missing slot docs by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • VaDataTable fixes by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • fix: date picker selected cell color by @m0ksem in
    • Refactoring/services by @m0ksem in
    • Fix/#2646 by @m0ksem in
    • Fix sorting in the VaDataTable by @rustem-nasyrov in

    New Contributors

    • @eltociear made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.5.0(Oct 27, 2022)

    Big release with a lot of breaking changes . See migration guide for transition

    • Accessibility - big one. Vuestic became accessible across the board.
    • New components
      • Tree view
      • Split view
      • Dropdown
      • Virtual scroll
    • Dark theme
    • Breakpoints service
    • Component presets
    • Internal
      • Releases automation
      • Automated tests for some composables
    • Improve docs (add kitchensink and roadmap pages)

    What's Changed

    • Feat #1806: Presets for all components & components config structure change by @Derranion in
    • [#2006] VaNavbar & VaAppBar refactoring, appearance on scroll logic rework by @aluarius in
    • [#1725] VaSplit component implementation by @aluarius in
    • fix: build type hotfix by @aluarius in
    • [#1923] New buttons design implementation by @aluarius in
    • [#1748] Fixed to prop issue in Nuxt 3 by @aluarius in
    • [2203] VaSplit default dragger hover visual state by @aluarius in
    • [#2200] keyboard selection only composable for focus-outline by @aluarius in
    • [#2304] fixed problems with buttons in docs for 1.5.0 by @aluarius in
    • (1.5.0) Fix: stack overflow issue in Nuxt 3 by @aluarius in
    • Feat/dark themes by @m0ksem in
    • Typography links focus style update by @aluarius in
    • [#2343] docs accessibility page by @aluarius in
    • [#716] VaRadioButton visual focus state update by @aluarius in
    • feat: minor stateful test update by @asvae in
    • [#715] VaCheckbox visual updates by @aluarius in
    • [#2292] virtual scroller component by @aluarius in
    • VaButton fixes by @aluarius in
    • Fix/1.5.0 merge issues by @m0ksem in
    • [#2296] grid modifiers separator change by @aluarius in
    • VaPagination rework by @aluarius in
    • [#2349] Keyboard-only focus-outline composable changed to CSS selector by @aluarius in
    • Mixin name in VaPagination fix after merging breaking changes from another branch by @aluarius in
    • Fix/unit tests by @Azgiliat in
    • [#27] [#774] breakpoints service, wise gutters by @aluarius in
    • Add a banner for the landing page by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • Release/1.5.0 by @m0ksem in
    • Fix/test utils by @m0ksem in
    • fix: support mac trackpad scroll event listener by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • [#2423] VaModal cancel button preset fix by @aluarius in
    • Fix tests and refactor colors case notation by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • VaCounter validation by @damirJa in
    • [#2316] Update VaDataTable filtering example in docs with debounced input by @RVitaly1978 in
    • [#2339] Fix VaDataTable css variables (for sticky and scrolled table) by @RVitaly1978 in
    • [#2324] Fix VaDataTable inputs width in CRUD example by @RVitaly1978 in
    • fix: make build script to wait until css is built by @m0ksem in
    • VaButton background color state should rely on CSS, no on JS by @aluarius in
    • [#2208] config docs update by @aluarius in
    • Feat/kitchensink by @Azgiliat in
    • release(1.4.12): fix missing essential.css file in build. by @m0ksem in
    • [#2420] Removed outline on datepicker by @VBoudreau55 in
    • [#2395] [#2362] [#2136] VaSelect bugfix, minor refactoring by @aluarius in
    • New slots for custom boundary and direction links by @skyroses in
    • [#2243] tagging state select documentation, minor bugfixes by @aluarius in
    • fix: use mutation observer instead of interval in useElementBackground by @m0ksem in
    • [#2237] VaDropdown props for VaSelect, VaDatepicker, VaTimepicker by @aluarius in
    • Fix/minor bugs by @m0ksem in
    • fix: modal overflow on mobile by @m0ksem in
    • Fix#2270/html element as dropdown target by @m0ksem in
    • refactor search to use vue-router by @Azgiliat in
    • Fix VaDataTable filtering animation by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Feat/tree view rework by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • [#2295] VaDataTable scroll events by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Hotfix dropdown by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Fix building issues by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • feat: added threshold to colors config by @m0ksem in
    • Feat/top menu refactoring by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • feat: added stub tsconfig script by @m0ksem in
    • Add "Meet the Team" page, add blog link to the landing header by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • [VaSelect] VaVirtualScroller integration, bugfixing by @aluarius in
    • fix(#2464): Added Global config partial types. Fixed demos. by @m0ksem in
    • Fix/customize block by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • fix(#2460): merge icons config by @m0ksem in
    • Feat/data table virtual scroller integration by @aluarius in
    • [#2430] Feat/select searchtext by @VBoudreau55 in
    • fix#1936: va icon aliases by @m0ksem in
    • Fix/minor docs bugs by @m0ksem in
    • chore: rollback missing css by @m0ksem in
    • fix: two index in styles build by @m0ksem in
    • fix: update getDisabled method behavior by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • fix: multiple select options value-by by @m0ksem in
    • Fix#2475/split scrollbars by @m0ksem in
    • fix: dropdown and hover stateful prop by @m0ksem in
    • fix: typography double dash by @m0ksem in
    • Fix#2511 Sidebar and navbar colors by @Sadnessa in
    • fix: css variables names by @m0ksem in
    • fix(docs): smart helpers and colors demo by @m0ksem in
    • Fixed chip demo. by @Sadnessa in
    • chore: minor style issues by @m0ksem in
    • Changed position of color circle in VaColorInput. by @Sadnessa in
    • Feat/nuxt fixes by @asvae in
    • fix#2336: proxy image props to carousel by @m0ksem in
    • restore old breakpoints by @Azgiliat in
    • fix: partial fix for va-image by @asvae in
    • chore: update contribution guide documentation by @m0ksem in
    • Fix/form reset behavior by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Feat/i18n by @m0ksem in
    • fix: key is undefined in applyI18nTemplate. by @m0ksem in
    • Fixed demos spacing. by @Sadnessa in
    • Fix/docs kitchensink bug fixes by @m0ksem in
    • Fix/contribution guide bug by @m0ksem in
    • Refactor/stylelinter by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Team page content updating by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • Fix content for Team page by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • fix: broken icons on landing by @asvae in
    • Add Team link to the Header Landing by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • feat: update docs for the icons setup by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Change landing banner text by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • make VaPagination bg color transparent as in VaInput by @Azgiliat in
    • Text color cache and primary/inverted text color by @m0ksem in
    • fix(input): add va-input-wrapper flex:1 by @Valar103769 in
    • fix: switch color by @m0ksem in
    • fix: change default value for selectable props by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • fix header team link by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • remove css var by @Azgiliat in
    • Fixed VaButtonDropdown spacing. by @Sadnessa in
    • fix: change text color for outlined alerts by @rustem-nasyrov in

    New Contributors

    • @VBoudreau55 made their first contribution in
    • @Valar103769 made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.4.11(Sep 19, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • Add missing types for array-value prop by @skyroses in
    • fix(docs): ora required in esm module by @m0ksem in
    • chore(deps-dev): bump vite from 2.9.9 to 2.9.13 by @dependabot in
    • fix isSelectable after change null to undefined by @Azgiliat in
    • [#2349] Focus outline only keyboard update by @aluarius in
    • [#1808] Swipable VaCarousel by @aluarius in
    • Fix/build type hotfix by @aluarius in

    New Contributors

    • @skyroses made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.4.10(Sep 5, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • Landing page updates by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • bump @vuestic/nuxt ui version to 1.4.9 by @m0ksem in
    • feat: add input type attribute usage example by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • fix: styles named export in package.json by @m0ksem in
    • fix(docs): contribution icon and wrong vuestic css paths. by @m0ksem in
    • small fixes for the Landing page by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • Trap focus in opened modal by @Azgiliat in
    • Fix/mobile docs header search by @Azgiliat in
    • VaButton prop to in Nuxt 3 hotfix by @aluarius in
    • feat(bundlers-tests): add nuxt playground by @m0ksem in
    • Updated Fixing issue: On hover - "Open in Github" button is barely vi by @Pathholder1806 in
    • Change value getter methods for the modelValue getter by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • fix(nuxt): move explicitly used imports to dependencies. by @m0ksem in
    • fix: align popover examples horizontally by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Minor build tweaks by @asvae in
    • fix: floating dropdown position by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Fix: Types. VaRadio option prop type is missing [#2303] by @Udaay in
    • Fix#2314/fonts nuxt module option by @m0ksem in
    • feat/sandbox by @m0ksem in
    • feat: migrate codesandbox examples from vue-cli to the vite by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • chore: style lint docs fixes by @m0ksem in
    • Added partners to by @zvenigorodskaia in
    • feat: scroll-container by @m0ksem in
    • [#2282] docs github link refix by @aluarius in
    • feat: update ag-grid library by @asvae in
    • fix: update nuxt version constraint by @danielroe in
    • chore: update nuxt to rc.9 by @m0ksem in
    • feat: rating item slot by @m0ksem in
    • fix:vaRadio option propType and added default null #2303 by @Udaay in

    New Contributors

    • @Azgiliat made their first contribution in
    • @Pathholder1806 made their first contribution in
    • @Udaay made their first contribution in
    • @danielroe made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.4.9(Aug 4, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • fixed roadmap responsiveness on mobile by @ameer-khan-ashraf in
    • feat: add markdown support to the doc pages by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • [#2175][#2176] double disabled state fix, cursor fix by @aluarius in
    • [#2190] Fix VaButtonDropdown dropdown appearance and alignment for split and left-icon by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Hotfix/incomplete styles build by @m0ksem in

    New Contributors

    • @ameer-khan-ashraf made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.4.8(Jul 29, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • docs: dropdown by @m0ksem in
    • chore(deps): bump undici from 5.5.1 to 5.8.0 by @dependabot in
    • chore(deps): bump terser from 5.13.1 to 5.14.2 by @dependabot in
    • fix(ssr): modal window is undefined by @m0ksem in
    • [#2135] Docs: typo renderCSSVarialbes fixed by @PrajwalBorkar in
    • Feat/nuxt treeshaking by @m0ksem in
    • nuxt/tree-shaking-docs by @m0ksem in
    • [#2122] Accessibility guide by @aluarius in
    • [#2120] Docs accessibility checks & updates by @aluarius in
    • Fix/dropdown computed target by @m0ksem in
    • Replace jest with vitest by @asvae in
    • fix:types build hotfix by @aluarius in
    • [#2152] iife build codesandbox fix by @aluarius in
    • Table examples error by @damirJa in
    • [#2163] Fix VaInputWrapper min-width by @RVitaly1978 in
    • fix: files list items disabled state by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Fix/isolate typography by @m0ksem in
    • fix(collapse): collapse content must change height if it content is height is changed by @m0ksem in
    • Refactroing/cleaning by @m0ksem in
    • docs: removed version and required column. by @m0ksem in
    • docs/roadmap-1-5-0 by @m0ksem in
    • feat: release improvements by @asvae in
    • feat(dropdown): prevent-overflow prop. by @m0ksem in
    • [#2119] Update VaDataTable sorting with sortingOptions prop by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Fix VaInput and VaSelect wrapper class by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Fix VaListItemLabel line-height by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Fix/input field layout by @m0ksem in

    New Contributors

    • @PrajwalBorkar made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.4.7(Jul 21, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • Bump undici from 5.2.0 to 5.5.1 by @dependabot in
    • chore(deps): bump parse-url from 6.0.0 to 6.0.2 by @dependabot in
    • Improve CSS Variables docs page. by @m0ksem in
    • Refactor/input wrapper by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • [#2071] fontawesome deprecated warning fix by @aluarius in
    • [#2047] VaAccordion border radius & outline border radius fix by @aluarius in
    • Accessibility fixes by @aluarius in
    • Move algolia search to the navbar by @damirJa in
    • [#2073] VaSlider range static modelValue fix by @aluarius in
    • remove root div from examples by @brunorabelo in
    • Fix sidebar text color. by @m0ksem in
    • [#715] VaCheckbox visual updates by @aluarius in
    • Use defineNuxtPlugin. Improve TS types in plugin. by @m0ksem in
    • Docs/icon config examples by @m0ksem in
    • [#1545] Copy of the Vite build for devel branch by @aluarius in
    • Fix multiple select value-by prop & nuxt version bump... by @m0ksem in
    • Fix/vue cli plugin split css by @m0ksem in
    • chore: remove nuxt docs by @asvae in
    • Css code split docs and essentail css in build by @m0ksem in
    • [#2067] Add animated prop to VaSidebar by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Feat/file upload rework by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • docs/typography by @m0ksem in
    • [#2057] VaDateInput & VaTimeInput moved to VaInputWrapper, refactoring, bugfix by @aluarius in

    New Contributors

    • @brunorabelo made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.4.6(Jul 7, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • [#2037] Fix VaTimeInput clearable and manual-input behaviour by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Fix the line height issue for single file upload component by @arkmadj in
    • Feat/input counter and max length by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • [#2038] Add visuals to active cell on focus in va-time-picker by @RVitaly1978 in
    • feat: allow write space with manual input by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • [#2048] Fix va-select placeholder by @RVitaly1978 in
    • [#2046] Disabled minifier for ESM build config, rename Nuxt 3 module by @aluarius in
    • Page update on SW change to avoid caching by @damirJa in
    • Fix#2028/fix sidebar color by @m0ksem in
    • Add transition on hover for side bar item by @arkmadj in

    New Contributors

    • @arkmadj made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.4.5(Jul 1, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • [#1829] [#1975] VaPopup deleted, composables index, useColor/useColors refactoring by @aluarius in
    • [#1998] useBem hook adaptation for camel-case modifiers by @aluarius in
    • Feat/va tabs content by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • [#1995] Added VaRating item focus outline by @aluarius in
    • [#2018] usePopover - add default position by @popov-a-e in
    • fix build by @m0ksem in
    • [#2009] [#2015] [#2016] [#2021] [#2023] minor bugfixes by @aluarius in
    • hotfix for vuestic-admin by @m0ksem in
    • [#1888] Fix VaDataTable selection with updated items (add items-track-by prop) by @RVitaly1978 in
    • [#1985] Fix VaProgressBar slot position by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Feat/improve time picker behavior by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Fix date picker focus and build node types. by @m0ksem in
    • Fix: Show types build output by @m0ksem in
    • [#2033] Fix VaDropdown font by @RVitaly1978 in
    • feat: release script rework by @asvae in

    New Contributors

    • @popov-a-e made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.4.2(Jun 23, 2022)


    Accessibility improvements, bug fixes and optimizations.

    What's Changed

    • hotfix by @aluarius in
    • Fix #1846: useStateful works with modelValue by @Derranion in
    • Components accessibility updates & dom optimization checks by @aluarius in
    • Fix docs colors. by @m0ksem in
    • Components accessibility updates & dom optimization checks by @aluarius in
    • Fix redeclaration of @vue/runtime-core. by @m0ksem in
    • [#1885] Fix VaTabs grow by @RVitaly1978 in
    • [#1850] Update useForm hook by @RVitaly1978 in
    • [#1781] Fix: docs sidebar active route determination by @dnischeta in
    • [#1883] VaAppBar position fix by @aluarius in
    • Update nuxt module import composables. by @m0ksem in
    • Nuxt module hotfix by @aluarius in
    • [#1760] [#1871] useRouterLink refactoring by @aluarius in
    • Components accessibility updates & dom optimization checks by @aluarius in
    • [#1837] Revert font size increasing by @damirJa in
    • [#1912] Fix VaSlider type range by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Fixed #1892. by @Sadnessa in
    • [#1876] VaDataTable remove extra click emit by @dnischeta in
    • feat: export component types by @m0ksem in
    • [#1761, #1739, #1898] Fix shallowRef and propType by @RVitaly1978 in
    • [#1855] VaDataTable customization with props row-bind and cell-bind by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Fix/component prop types by @m0ksem in
    • Change all vuesticPlugin to createVuestic. by @m0ksem in
    • [#1873] Add VaDataTable prop sticky-footer by @RVitaly1978 in
    • [#1887] useBem & useForm composables refactoring by @aluarius in
    • [#1844] Add manual input example to the docs by @damirJa in
    • [1868] Css Variables Section by @damirJa in
    • [1900] Spacer docs by @damirJa in
    • Minor. Fix Readme url. by @m0ksem in
    • Fix VaDateInput types. Fix useBem types. by @m0ksem in
    • Remove unused emits. by @xiongmao86 in
    • fix#1816 escape vuestic import in docs by @m0ksem in
    • fix#1957 Remove collapse margin. Beautify accordion. by @m0ksem in
    • feat: automate version bump for generators and github templates by @asvae in
    • fix#1859 Show dropdown on manul input prop. by @m0ksem in
    • feat#1947 Added component prop types to components config by @m0ksem in
    • [#1752] Modal padding and Content improvements by @damirJa in
    • File upload undo examples by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Docs/ssr guide by @m0ksem in
    • Fix#1427 VaSelect slot focus. Refator VaInputWrapper. by @m0ksem in
    • Feat/popover slots rework by @rustem-nasyrov in
    • Fix import components in va-input-wrapper by @RVitaly1978 in
    • [#1761, #1739, #1898] Fix shallowRef and propType (part 2) by @RVitaly1978 in
    • [#1962] VaSwitch line height fix, keyboard focus state, minor refactoring by @aluarius in
    • Fix: va-rating-issues by @smellyshovel in
    • [#1940] Fixed filtering and sorting of VaDataTable when using items with nested objects by @RVitaly1978 in
    • Fix incorrectly applied progress bar height (#1950) by @smellyshovel in
    • feat: release script by @asvae in

    New Contributors

    • @dnischeta made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.4.1(May 27, 2022)

    Mostly small fixes to support v1.4.0.

    What's Changed

    • Nuxt/v1.0.0 by @m0ksem in
    • removed important by @SaumyaBhushan in
    • Fix #1789: types for VaDateInput and its dependencies by @Derranion in
    • Register VaHover component in VaCarousel. by @m0ksem in
    • fix: carrousel demo slots wrong name by @edimitchel in
    • Fix#1814/outline button text color by @m0ksem in
    • Updated Icon Config docs. by @m0ksem in
    • Update vue-cli-plugin to use vuestic-ui 1.4.0. by @m0ksem in
    • Fix#915/use router link in sidebar item by @m0ksem in
    • Fix#1812/remove confusing config aliases by @m0ksem in
    • Fix show code button focus state in docs. by @m0ksem in
    • Prevent pagination numeric buttons changin its width if content is long. by @m0ksem in
    • Fix#1773/file upload single model value by @m0ksem in
    • [#1830] Fix backtop demo by @RVitaly1978 in
    • [#1838] va-radio tab selection fix, accessibility updates by @aluarius in
    • Fix #1785: VaDateInput keyboard navigation, click and focus events by @Derranion in
    • VaButton, VaButtonToggle & VaCollapse accessibility & dom optimization checks by @aluarius in
    • VaCheckbox DOM optimization & accessibility improvments by @aluarius in
    • Requesting modal with method, without putting into