A Vue.js plugin for lazyload your Image or Component in your application.



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Vue module for lazyloading images in your applications. Some of goals of this project worth noting include:

  • Be lightweight, powerful and easy to use
  • Work on any image type
  • Add loading class while image is loading
  • Supports both of Vue 1.0 and Vue 2.0

Table of Contents






$ npm i vue-lazyload -S


$ yarn add vue-lazyload


CDN: https://unpkg.com/vue-lazyload/vue-lazyload.js

<script src="https://unpkg.com/vue-lazyload/vue-lazyload.js"></script>



import Vue from 'vue'
import App from './App.vue'
import VueLazyload from 'vue-lazyload'


// or with options
const loadimage = require('./assets/loading.gif')
const errorimage = require('./assets/error.gif')

Vue.use(VueLazyload, {
  preLoad: 1.3,
  error: errorimage,
  loading: loadimage,
  attempt: 1

new Vue({
  el: 'body',
  components: {


  <li v-for="img in list">
    <img v-lazy="img.src" >

use v-lazy-container work with raw HTML

<div v-lazy-container="{ selector: 'img' }">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img1.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img2.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img3.jpg">  

custom error and loading placeholder image

<div v-lazy-container="{ selector: 'img', error: 'xxx.jpg', loading: 'xxx.jpg' }">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img1.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img2.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img3.jpg">  
<div v-lazy-container="{ selector: 'img' }">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img1.jpg" data-error="xxx.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img2.jpg" data-loading="xxx.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img3.jpg">  

Constructor Options

key description default options
preLoad proportion of pre-loading height 1.3 Number
error src of the image upon load fail 'data-src' String
loading src of the image while loading 'data-src' String
attempt attempts count 3 Number
listenEvents events that you want vue listen for ['scroll', 'wheel', 'mousewheel', 'resize', 'animationend', 'transitionend', 'touchmove'] Desired Listen Events
adapter dynamically modify the attribute of element { } Element Adapter
filter the image's listener filter { } Image listener filter
lazyComponent lazyload component false Lazy Component
dispatchEvent trigger the dom event false Boolean
throttleWait throttle wait 200 Number
observer use IntersectionObserver false Boolean
observerOptions IntersectionObserver options { rootMargin: '0px', threshold: 0.1 } IntersectionObserver
silent do not print debug info true Boolean

Desired Listen Events

You can configure which events you want vue-lazyload by passing in an array of listener names.

Vue.use(VueLazyload, {
  preLoad: 1.3,
  error: 'dist/error.png',
  loading: 'dist/loading.gif',
  attempt: 1,
  // the default is ['scroll', 'wheel', 'mousewheel', 'resize', 'animationend', 'transitionend']
  listenEvents: [ 'scroll' ]

This is useful if you are having trouble with this plugin resetting itself to loading when you have certain animations and transitions taking place

Image listener filter

dynamically modify the src of image

Vue.use(vueLazy, {
    filter: {
      progressive (listener, options) {
          const isCDN = /qiniudn.com/
          if (isCDN.test(listener.src)) {
              listener.el.setAttribute('lazy-progressive', 'true')
              listener.loading = listener.src + '?imageView2/1/w/10/h/10'
      webp (listener, options) {
          if (!options.supportWebp) return
          const isCDN = /qiniudn.com/
          if (isCDN.test(listener.src)) {
              listener.src += '?imageView2/2/format/webp'

Element Adapter

Vue.use(vueLazy, {
    adapter: {
        loaded ({ bindType, el, naturalHeight, naturalWidth, $parent, src, loading, error, Init }) {
            // do something here
            // example for call LoadedHandler
        loading (listender, Init) {
        error (listender, Init) {


use Intersection Observer to to improve performance of a large number of nodes.

Vue.use(vueLazy, {
  // set observer to true
  observer: true,

  // optional
  observerOptions: {
    rootMargin: '0px',
    threshold: 0.1

Lazy Component

Vue.use(VueLazyload, {
  lazyComponent: true
<lazy-component @show="handler">
  <img class="mini-cover" :src="img.src" width="100%" height="400">

    methods: {
      handler (component) {
        console.log('this component is showing')


Use in list

<lazy-component v-for="(item, index) in list" :key="item.src" >
  <img class="mini-cover" :src="item.src" width="100%" height="400">



vue-lazyload will set this img element's src with imgUrl string

export default {
  data () {
    return {
      imgObj: {
        src: 'http://xx.com/logo.png',
        error: 'http://xx.com/error.png',
        loading: 'http://xx.com/loading-spin.svg'
      imgUrl: 'http://xx.com/logo.png' // String

  <div ref="container">
     <img v-lazy="imgUrl"/>
     <div v-lazy:background-image="imgUrl"></div>

     <!-- with customer error and loading -->
     <img v-lazy="imgObj"/>
     <div v-lazy:background-image="imgObj"></div>

     <!-- Customer scrollable element -->
     <img v-lazy.container ="imgUrl"/>
     <div v-lazy:background-image.container="img"></div>

    <!-- srcset -->
    <img v-lazy="'img.400px.jpg'" data-srcset="img.400px.jpg 400w, img.800px.jpg 800w, img.1200px.jpg 1200w">
    <img v-lazy="imgUrl" :data-srcset="imgUrl' + '?size=400 400w, ' + imgUrl + ' ?size=800 800w, ' + imgUrl +'/1200.jpg 1200w'" />

CSS state

There are three states while img loading

loading loaded error

<img src="imgUrl" lazy="loading">
<img src="imgUrl" lazy="loaded">
<img src="imgUrl" lazy="error">
  img[lazy=loading] {
    /*your style here*/
  img[lazy=error] {
    /*your style here*/
  img[lazy=loaded] {
    /*your style here*/
  or background-image
  .yourclass[lazy=loading] {
    /*your style here*/
  .yourclass[lazy=error] {
    /*your style here*/
  .yourclass[lazy=loaded] {
    /*your style here*/


Event Hook

vm.$Lazyload.$on(event, callback) vm.$Lazyload.$off(event, callback) vm.$Lazyload.$once(event, callback)

  • $on Listen for a custom events loading, loaded, error
  • $once Listen for a custom event, but only once. The listener will be removed once it triggers for the first time.
  • $off Remove event listener(s).



  • {string} event
  • {Function} callback


vm.$Lazyload.$on('loaded', function ({ bindType, el, naturalHeight, naturalWidth, $parent, src, loading, error }, formCache) {
  console.log(el, src)



  • {string} event
  • {Function} callback


vm.$Lazyload.$once('loaded', function ({ el, src }) {
  console.log(el, src)


If only the event is provided, remove all listeners for that event


  • {string} event
  • {Function} callback


function handler ({ el, src }, formCache) {
  console.log(el, src)
vm.$Lazyload.$on('loaded', handler)
vm.$Lazyload.$off('loaded', handler)



Manually trigger lazy loading position calculation




this.$Lazyload.$on('loaded', function (listener) {


Dynamic switching pictures

 <img v-lazy="lazyImg" :key="lazyImg.src">

Authors && Contributors


The MIT License

  • Unable to get srcset to work as expected

    Unable to get srcset to work as expected

    Using version 1.2.2 with Vue 2.5.15

    I'm not able to get srcset to work as expected. The following output without your plugin works as expected in Chrome:

      srcset="http://via.placeholder.com/180x150 180w,http://via.placeholder.com/250x150 250w,http://via.placeholder.com/350x150 350w,http://via.placeholder.com/500x150 500w"
      sizes="(min-width: 1024px) 48.828125vw,(min-width: 768px) 45.57291666666667vw,100vw">

    When replacing srcset with data-srcset and adding v-lazy="'http://via.placeholder.com/180x150'" the 180x150 image is always shown. What do I oversee? Why is data-srcset not just converted to srcset when the image needs to be loaded and let the browser do the calculation (I know there would have to be a polyfill for older browsers)?

    opened by patric-eberle 30
  • 在移动端使用滑动的时候,我滑到的当前位置的图片不能显示,需要额外添加事件才能触发使得图片显示;在pc端需要只有滚轮滚到的地方才显示图片,手机模式拖动也是当前位置不显示图片……


    • ¥{{dish.price}}/份


    opened by zhaozhaoduan 13
  • 关于filter一些问题


    1. filter文档中写someProcess,但是代码里写的是customer?

    2. webp其实也是customer,加了一层support detection.那么以后扩展会有webpa,webpb就显得比较奇怪了.所以我会选择直接都在customer写.

    3. 另外现在的customer是以el.attr存在的(或者说defaultFilter无需attr). 所以我尝试使用vue filter写过: v.lazy="item.image | toSize('120','120')"不起作用.是因为[email protected]不再支持这种写法了吗?

    opened by cjz9032 8
  • Feature:self defined the name of lazyload path

    Feature:self defined the name of lazyload path

    Q: Why I want to add this feature? A: Because in my project, i can' control the img tag, they come from the response data of my server api, and i can't know how many kinds.

    opened by JimChenWYU 7
  • supportWebp() will append a '!'

    supportWebp() will append a '!'

    function supportWebp () {
        if (!inBrowser) return false
        let support = true
        const d = document
        try {
            let el = d.createElement('object')
            el.type = 'image/webp'
            el.innerHTML = '!'
            support = !el.offsetWidth
        } catch (err) {
            support = false
        return support

    在没有使用 vue-ssr 的情况下,页面由 vue 进行前端渲染,会导致一开始白屏的时候,出现一个 ‘!’ 一闪而过

    opened by BoltDoggy 7
  • Use for lazy-loading embedded videos?

    Use for lazy-loading embedded videos?

    I was trying to use this to lazy-load youtube videos embedded via their iframe widget, but unfortunately it doesn't work (it tries to convert the iframe source to data:image/png;base64).

    Can this be updated to also support lazy-loading of iframes?


    <iframe width="560" height="315" frameborder="0"  v-lazy="'//www.youtube.com/embed/' + videoID" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    I would expect this video to be lazy-loaded, but using the current version it throws an error.

    opened by Cristy94 7
  • lazyload 展示第二屏的时候,并发请求图片非常慢

    lazyload 展示第二屏的时候,并发请求图片非常慢

    打开首屏还可以,但是滚动到第二屏的时候,图片并发请求,非常慢。去掉 lazyload 就正常了。网络情况相同,关掉 cache

    有 lazyload 的情况,会卡屏 http://7xs3k9.com1.z0.glb.clouddn.com/bug/with-vue-lazyload.MOV

    关掉 lazyload 的情况,非常顺畅 http://7xs3k9.com1.z0.glb.clouddn.com/bug/without-vue-lazyload.MOV

    wx20171219-160726 2x
    opened by itbdw 6
  • no versions available

    no versions available

    1.0.0rc12版本部分img标签上绑定loading和status状态失败,并没有初始化img的src默认值和状态,貌似绑定的$once事件也没有调用。。 0.9.x版本的global.install根本没有暴露VueLazyload对象,也没有绑定到window上,不能使用Vue.use(VueLazyload) 0.8.x版本的require不能直接在浏览器中使用

    opened by winkying 6
  • vue-lazy 如何结合富文本使用

    vue-lazy 如何结合富文本使用

    后台返回:<p><img src="http://a.object.gd-zht.com/2018/01/5a5f1a41ca358.jpg" style="max-width:100%;"><img src="http://a.object.gd-zhtcom/2018/01/5a5f1a452bd2c.jpg" style="font-size: 0.875rem; max-width: 100%;"><br></p> 正则替换img的src:

    <p><img v-lazy="http://a.object.gd-zht.com/2018/01/5a5f1a41ca358.jpg" style="max-width:100%;"><img v-lazy="http://a.object.gd-zht.com/2018/01/5a5f1a452bd2c.jpg" style="font-size: 0.875rem; max-width: 100%;"><br></p>

    用v-html渲染后: <p><img v-lazy="http://a.object.gd-zht.com/2018/01/5a5f1a41ca358.jpg" style="max-width:100%;"><img v-lazy="http://a.object.gd-zht.com/2018/01/5a5f1a452bd2c.jpg" style="font-size: 0.875rem; max-width: 100%;"><br></p> 还是这个,没有实现懒加载 ,请问这种情况怎么解决

    opened by ZooTopiaGG 5
  • horizontal scrolling not load?

    horizontal scrolling not load?

    I have a local area on the HTML page is a horizontal scrolling, when the picture elements from the outside of the screen scroll to the screen, the picture is not loaded, but then the vertical scroll, the picture will be loaded

    opened by aiyadingya 5
  • 在微信 WebView 中使用时 img 的背景先是会显示黑色

    在微信 WebView 中使用时 img 的背景先是会显示黑色

    滚动到未加载图片的 img 处,图片背景会显示为黑色,然后再加载图片。仅在微信的 WebView 中发现有这个问题,其余浏览器环境均正常。试过 !important 之类的方式设置 background-color,问题仍然存在。


    <img v-lazy="photoUrl">
    opened by wangxiao 5
  • Fix issue 492: babel configuration not work

    Fix issue 492: babel configuration not work

    Hi, im trying to fix the problem like #492 . The build results in 1.3.4 include es6 syntax.

    I found that the Babel version in this project is v6 ([email protected] -> [email protected]), and babel.config.js config file is introduced in Babel v7, so that babel.config.js is not work now.

    I changed configuration file back to .babelrc, and it works.

    Please review, thanks.

    opened by 6ml 0
  • Add ts lint support & Fix jest test

    Add ts lint support & Fix jest test

    Hello, I noticed the lint in CI raised an error, I fixed this.

    Meanwhile, I noticed the eslint config now doesn't support parse and lint typescript code, so I added related support.

    I have used yarn lint --fix to auto-fix the lint error/warning under src, so don't worry if you see many codes are changed, they are only the style change, no harm to the functionality.

    Updates Summary

    • [x] Add ts lint support
    • [x] Fix jest testcases
    • [x] CI - update node image to 18(support esm) / remove puppeteer env install

    Thanks, please help to review.

    opened by anc95 0
  • Fix lazy dir can't be registered when SSR

    Fix lazy dir can't be registered when SSR

    Hey, the error detail is in #502

    I dive into the issue, it's because when we import vue-lazyload

    import Lazyload from 'vue-lazyload'

    will get

      default: {

    if follow the instruction in readme


    it can't be registered in Node env

    So I modified the export from default export to named export to avoid this happen.

    Please review, Thanks

    opened by anc95 0
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