quickly start your Vue dev server

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10倍缩短您的vue dev server启动时间



npm install vue-fast-dev-server --save-dev


const path = require('path')

module.exports = {
  devServer: {
    before: require('vue-fast-dev-server/devServer')
  configureWebpack: config => {
      test: /\.js$/,
      include: [
        path.resolve(__dirname, 'src/router/modules')
      loader: 'vue-fast-dev-server'


参考 iptop/vue-fast-dev-server-demo.


让浏览器和 dev server 进行联动,没有访问到的路由就直接跳过编译,不管多大的项目都是秒开


项目 加速前 加速后
dev server 启动时间(带缓存) 80S 2S
dev server 内存占用 1600MB 200MB
HRM响应速度 7.7S 0.3S
a small development server for building `vue` components

DEPRECATED see cerijs and ceri-dev-server vue-dev-server Why? When you decide to build a new reusable vue component, you probably want to see it in ac

Paul Pflugradt 20 Feb 24, 2021
🛠️Interactive sandox playground for vue components

Component Fixture Demo https://david-desmaisons.github.io/ComponentFixture/ Description Interactive test fixture for vue component. Component is desig

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Build, distribute, and collaborate on components.

Bit is the platform for collaborating on components Documentation • Tutorials • Quick start guide • Workflows • bit.dev components cloud • Video demo

Bit 13.8k Jul 20, 2021
⚙️ Developer tools for vue js

Vuenut is a component based on vue js that is responsible for manipulating save and visualize the data of vuex to facilitate the work and improve the production.

ldrovira 4 Jul 1, 2019
Placeholder Images and Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text for Vue.js projects

vue-dummy Placeholder Images and Dummy Text for Vue.js vue-dummy is a wrapper around the https://dummyjs.com/ library to expose placeholder Images and

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Source code for Google's Dev Library

Source code for Google's Dev Library

Google 57 Jul 15, 2021
Collection of codemod scripts that help update and refactor Vue and JavaScript files.

Vue codemods This repository contains a collection of codemod scripts for use with JSCodeshift that help update and refactor Vue and JavaScript files.

Sergio Crisostomo 19 Dec 2, 2020

Vue 3 Data Visualization Vue 3 数据可视化 项目简介 本项目为个人项目, 主要使用 Vue 3, Echarts 5, Element Plus 进行开发. 使用原生 JavaScript 实现元素的拖拽与缩放. 该项目主要为实现通用的可视化大屏的简单配置, 对于特殊图

MiyueSC 40 Jul 20, 2021
This is Postman UI clone, made with Vuetify, beside an authentication with both dark and light theme.

Postman-UI-Clone Description: This is Postman UI clone, it is my fourth challenge of my one week challenge. It is made with Vuetify, beside an authent

Abir Bouhriz Daidj 19 Jul 13, 2021