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Spanish documentation for Slidev


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English docs @antfu
简体中文 docs-cn @QC-L @Ivocin
Français docs-fr @ArthurDanjou
Español docs-es @owlnai
Русский docs-ru @xesjkeee
Việt Nam docs-vn @bongudth

Start Server Locally

npm i -g pnpm

pnpm i
pnpm run dev

And then visit http://localhost:3000

Or install the Vite extension for VS Code to edit side-by-side.

Help on Translating


Presentation slides for developers
Probably the thinnest library to end all Vue i18n solutions within 1kb

vue-simple-i18n Probably the thinnest library to end all Vue i18n solutions within 1kb Playground Installation CDN: UNPKG | jsDeliver or npm install v

Yukino Song 32 Sep 23, 2021
VueJS plugin for translations

VueTranslate A VueJS (1.x, 2.0+) plugin for basic translations. What is this? Is a plugin to handle basic translations for your components, it adds a

Javis V. Pérez 82 Sep 23, 2021
Translate your Vue.js applications with gettext.

vue-gettext Translate Vue.js applications with gettext. Live demo. Contribution Please make sure to read the Pull request guidelines before making a p

Polyconseil 268 Oct 9, 2021
🌍 All in one i18n extension for VS Code

English | 简体中文 v2.0 is released with new Editor UI and Review System ?? Migrate from v1.x Maintained by Lokalise is the fastest growing language cloud

Lokalise 1.8k Oct 13, 2021
French documentation for French documentation for Slidev Translations Repo Site Maintainers English docs @antfu 简体中文 docs-cn @QC-L @Ivocin França

Slidev 10 Sep 6, 2021
🎏 Helper directives for vue & vue-i18n

vue-i18n-directives ?? Helper directives for Vue.js & vue-i18n. Support Vue.js 2 ➡️ [email protected]>=2.0.0 [master] Vue.js 1 ➡️ vue-i18n-directiv

Nacho Anaya 14 Jan 23, 2019
basic translation plugin for VueJS 2+

basic translation plugin for VueJS 2+ Vue-Polyglot notes Vue-Polyglot doesn't get translation asynchronously in version 2+ This is not a plugin to int

Guillaume Vincent 44 May 27, 2021
google translate for Vue2.x.

v-google-translate google translate for Vue2.x. ?? Internationalization English | 中文文档 Table of Contents Problem Demo Installation Usage Props Tips Pr

George Tan 69 Aug 20, 2021
A small package for implementing translations in Vue.js

vue-i18n A small package for implementing translations in Vue.js. Instead of using a dot based key to fetch a translated string, it just uses the defa

Matt Radford 40 Mar 4, 2021
Web application allowing internationalization of language variables

Babylon - Open Source Crowd Translation Babylon is a complete suite used for i18n. ?? Homepage Install npm install Run tests npm run test Author ?? Th

The Lotus 6 Sep 12, 2021
Simple localization plugin for the amazing Vue.js.

V-Localize About V-Localize is a very simple localization plugin for Vue.js. Your localizations will be available anywhere in your web application wra

John W. Nolette 32 Jul 30, 2020
VueJs translations very similar to Laravel Translation system

VueJs Translations Hello everybody! I'm glad to present you a library to support the translations in your Vue project. This translations component is

Maxim Markin 15 Mar 6, 2021
Internationalization for vue using the i18next i18n ecosystem.

vue-i18next Internationalization for vue using the i18next i18n ecosystem. Introduction 18next goes beyond just

Panter AG 175 Sep 7, 2021
vue-i18n single file component exporter/importer

vue-i18n-service The translation team (not developers) wants a file with all the keys to translate. But I love to use translations in Single File Comp

Hatice Edis 138 Sep 9, 2021
Manage vue-i18n localization with static analysis

Analyse all the vue-i18n language files and placeholders of your project. ?? Table of Contents Installation Introduction How to use it? Contribution C

Raffaele Pizzari 165 Oct 15, 2021
Latin to Linear-b Translator

Latin To Linear B Translator Installation Clone the repository Install Node.js Install the Vue Cli Run npm install Run npm run serve License Latin To 2 Oct 10, 2021
Add i18n to your awesome Vue 3 app 🔉

V-Intl ?? Intl in your dopeass Vue 3 apps ??‍?? Demo Usage In the docs ?? Background The package exposes 5 Intl components, viz., Formatter What it do

Vinayak Kulkarni 13 Oct 10, 2021
Vue I18n for Vue 3

Vue I18n is part of the Vue Ecosystem and Intlify Project is an open source project with its ongoing development made possible entirely by the support of Sponsors. If you would like to become a sponsor, please consider:

intlify 558 Oct 13, 2021
:globe_with_meridians: Internationalization plugin for Vue.js

vue-i18n Internationalization plugin for Vue.js ?? Gold Sponsors ?? Silver Sponsors ?? Bronze Sponsors ⚠️ NOTICE This repository is for Vue I18n v8.x.

kazuya kawaguchi 6.4k Oct 15, 2021