This is a source code for the Laravel Poland Meetup official website.


laravel-poland-meetup (work in progress)

This is a source code for the Laravel Poland Meetup official website.



Static database is built from JSON files from resources directory. PHP builder script can be run from Docker container (and requires some vendor installations):

docker-compose up -d
docker-compose exec php composer install
docker-compose exec php php backend/builder.php

Frontend can be run from another container (also with node modules installed):

docker-compose exec node npm install
docker-compose exec node npm run dev

Or you can just run:

make setup


The website should be automatically deployed to GitHub Pages with every pull requests to the main branch.

  • Home page design

    Home page design

    Within this task there should be done all work around design so:

    • placing general information about meetups (what is it, what is it for)
    • encouragement to participate: as a presenter or listener
    • consider placing some people's quotes with opinions about meetup

    ...and all the rest of the design work.

    opened by Letha0 1
  • A tile with an upcoming meetup

    A tile with an upcoming meetup

    On home page should be a tile with upcoming meetup. There should be information that mentioned meetup is next, title, short description and button to see details. It should be visible and eye-catching.

    opened by Letha0 1
  • #17 - GHA + eslint added

    #17 - GHA + eslint added

    I added GitHub Actions, PHP codestyle and JS eslint to the project. Linters will be ran for every new pull request.

    Looks like almost all files were updates with linters fixers. ;)

    opened by krzysztofrewak 0
  • Configure Github Actions

    Configure Github Actions

    I would like to check every pull request to main branch with:

    • composer cs for PHP files
    • npm run lint for JS and Vue files
    • maybe some checker if all resource files are valid jsons? - to be discussed or even to be done in other issue
    opened by krzysztofrewak 0
  • #8 - counters backend builder

    #8 - counters backend builder

    As mentioned in #15, I added a new file to built API: public/api/counters.json file with following content:

      "meetups": 5,
      "presentations": 13,
      "people": 12
    opened by krzysztofrewak 0
  • #1 - home page tweaks

    #1 - home page tweaks

    @paulinaszkudlarek, let me correct some things and please take care about them in future:

    • I cleaned up @ aliases; now they all should be redirecting to frontend directory;
    • you should not import images from public directory; Vue resolves it automatically, so do not use src="@/public/images/companies/blumilk.webp", because src="/images/companies/blumilk.webp" is enough;
    • I refactored MeetuIndicator component; you should not retrieve/import nothing from resources directory; you should fetch built files from public like I did in this PR;
    • I cleaned up codebase a little; we should definetely add eslint here for future cases; I removed one file with jQuery - do not use this library anywhere ;)
    • I added Makefile; I don't know if it'd work on Windows, but for Linux users it will be easier way to setup a project.
    opened by krzysztofrewak 0
  • Can't run project on Windows machine with Docker

    Can't run project on Windows machine with Docker

    Bug description I can't run this project on Windows machine with Docker.

    Steps to reproduce behavior

    1. Use commands from file.
    2. See that project isn't working.

    Screenshot image

    Expected behavior The project should run also on Windows machine with Docker.

    Additional context Project is working locally.


    • OS: Windows 10
    • Browser: Google Chrome
    opened by EwelinaLasowy 0
  • Improving home page view

    Improving home page view

    The aim of this task is to improve the home page view.

    Within this task we should do:

    • [x] #4
    • [x] #5
    • [x] #6


    On page can be some people's quotes with opinions about meetup.

    Also should be there some sort of encouragement to participate as a presenter.

    Ultimately, the website should be neat and aesthetic and provide all the necessary information that should be on the home page

    opened by Letha0 0
  • Creation of meetup info page

    Creation of meetup info page

    On meetups list page, after choosing one of them, we should be redirect to page with details about choosen meetup.

    There should be:

    • title
    • information about meetup (short description, date, hour, place, can be photos, etc.)
    • link to the event on facebook
    • link to page to sign up for the event
    • list of presentations, which should contain the following information:
      • title, author, description, tags
      • link to youtube if the event has already taken place and the presentation is published
      • link to the presentation itself
      • the links should rather be in the form of an icon
    opened by Letha0 0
  • Searching list trough given criteria

    Searching list trough given criteria

    On page of meetups list user should be able to search. Searching should be though various criteria:

    • by the lecturer
    • by the company
    • by the topic (tags) etc.

    To consider whether it should be several inputs for each of the criteria, or one input - whatever will look better.

    opened by Letha0 0
  • Design list of meetups page

    Design list of meetups page

    In this task we want to design meetups list page.

    There should be list which will give us basic information about meetup (title, date, place... etc.).

    The upcoming meetups should be highlighted and the past ones appropriately marked - that user can easly distinguish one from the other. We can think about tabs for example or just one list where on top will be those upcomming meeting - whatever looks better.

    There can be button like "expand more information" (or something) that will show more info about meetups - like assigned presentations. Or should be visible by default? To consider.

    opened by Letha0 0
  • Improving meetups list page view

    Improving meetups list page view

    The aim of this task is to improve meetups page.

    On this page should be list of meetups - past and upcoming. We want to this ones which are upcoming to be highlighted - in some way.

    The list should be searchable through various criteria - by the lecturer, by the company, by the topic (tags) etc.

    Idea: Maybe the base view would be the meetup list itself. At the top of the page (or in the corner of a specific meetup?) there would be a button, e.g. "expand all" and the list would additionally include information about the presentations assigned to a given meetup etc. - but this is an open question, creative invention and proprietary proposals are welcome.


    • [ ] #10
    • [ ] #11
    • [ ] #12

    Details -> Google doc

    opened by Letha0 0
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