ZingMp3.vn clone with Vue 3 (Vite)

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Zing Mp3 Clone (Vue 3)

Vue 3, Vite, TypeScript, SCSS


git clone https://github.com/uchindev/zingmp3-fe-ts.git
cd zingmp3-fe-ts
npm install
npm run dev


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Thinh Nguyen
A Web Developer
Thinh Nguyen
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?? Vite mode is experimental and many nuxt modules are still incompatible. If you find a bug, please report via issues with a minimal reproduction.

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My personal website. Base on Vite 2.0 and Vue 3.0. If you want to know how to use Vite to develop a project, you can refer to this repository.

chengpeiquan.com My personal website. Base on Vite 2.0 and Vue 3.0. You can see Rewrite in vite to learn more. Architecture License MIT License © 2021

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A starter template for using vue-next with the latest electron.

Overview This repository contains the starter template for using vue-next with the latest electron. I started to learn electron & vue by the great pro

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Vite 2.x + Vue 3.x + Tailwind 2.x (starter) ⚡

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简历生成模板 Vue3 + Vite + tailwindcss 功能 Web 端显示简历 打印成 PDF 通过 JSON 配置简历内容 使用方法 点击页面右上角的修改数据按钮,会弹出用于修改数据的文本框。 根据以下示例数据修改后点击弹出框的保存。

null 4 May 20, 2021