💅Vue style loader module for webpack

Last update: Jul 22, 2022

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This is a fork based on style-loader. Similar to style-loader, you can chain it after css-loader to dynamically inject CSS into the document as style tags. However, since this is included as a dependency and used by default in vue-loader, in most cases you don't need to configure this loader yourself.


  • manualInject (3.1.0+):

    Type: boolean. When importing the style from a non-vue-file, by default the style is injected as a side effect of the import. When manualInject is true, the imported style object exposes a __inject__ method, which can then be called manually at appropriate timing. If called on the server, the method expects one argument which is the ssrContext to attach styles to.

    import styles from 'styles.scss'
    export default {
      beforeCreate() { // or create a mixin for this purpose
        if(styles.__inject__) {
      render() {
        return <div class={styles.heading}>Hello World</div>

    Note this behavior is enabled automatically when vue-style-loader is used on styles imported within a *.vue file. The option is only exposed for advanced usage.

  • ssrId (3.1.0+):

    Type: boolean. Add data-vue-ssr-id attribute to injected